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We All Fall Down

Lorelai's walking down the street when Luke walks up and says, "Hey." Lorelai says she left a tip and it wasn't under a water glass, stuck in some syrup or all in pennies, so she doesn't know why he's hounding her. Luke says he only said "Hey." Lorelai: "Oh, hey!" Luke says she's a lot of work. Lorelai says he's a lot of work. They stop in front of a Mailboxes, Etc. Lorelai needs stamps. Luke's getting a divorce. Lorelai says that Luke can't get a divorce in a Mailboxes, Etc. By the way, Lauren Graham doesn't know how to say "et cetera." She puts an "x" in it. Lorelai says getting divorced at a Mailboxes "excetra" isn't dignified. Luke says that "crapping out" of a marriage isn't dignified either. But he really wants to not be married to Nicole anymore, and we couldn't agree more, so kindly get out of the way Lorelai so we can be done with this storyline. Lorelai wants to wait outside so he can have some privacy. Luke says he's not taking a shower, only signing a paper. He forces her inside to buy her stamps. "Lots and lots of work!" he grumbles. Since when does Lorelai honor or respect Luke's marriage?

Our Mailboxes, Etc. clerk is, of course, Kirk. Luke says he needs something notarized. Kirk tells him he has to fill something out and get a thumbprint. Luke says he knows how it works. Lorelai offers to wait until Luke's done. Luke says she needs stamps. "Just get your stamps," Luke says. Lorelai argues, so Luke says over and over again, "Just get your stamps." He comments again on the amount of work Lorelai requires. Lorelai tells Kirk she needs stamps. Kirk says that the breakfast food series just came out. Lorelai and Kirk squeal over the dancing toast. Lorelai asks if he has any Lucille Balls left. "Yes, I have some Balls," Kirk answers. They then go on and on about how much they love Bewitched, a show before our time, until Luke reminds them all that he's trying to get divorced. Lorelai apologizes and shushes Kirk.

Luke's. Lorelai enters and sits at the counter. Luke's toaster is broken, so he's fixing it. Lorelai asks Luke about his thumb. It has ink on it from the notary. Lorelai orders a cherry danish. Her cell phone rings. Luke tells her to go outside to answer it. And that's what you call "mundane."

Lorelai answers the phone. It's Rory. They pretend not to know each other, and then marvel that they have the same name. It is Rory's cell phone that Lorelai is on, that Rory called, because Rory left it at Lorelai's house after she ordered food when the fridge was empty (continuing with the mundane theme). Lorelai's other phone rings. It's Jason.

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