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A Vineyard Valentine

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Valentine, The Destroyer

Back at the house, in his and Lorelai's room, Luke is keeping up the ass behavior. He's complaining about the cold, complaining about their dinner plans, complaining about the fog, complaining about the house, and complaining that the sweatpants he bought at the gym have already ripped. He blames it on Logan, who he claims was playing rough, charging, fouling, and cheating on the score. Lorelai is trying her best to fend off all this negativity, but finally can take it no more. She says that Logan seemed nice when they came back from playing, and that they said they had just been playing for fun. "It wasn't fun," Luke drones. "Believe me." Lorelai has had it. "Maybe you shouldn't have come with us to the gym," she snaps. "Nobody forced you to go." Luke is surprised by her reaction and her frustration. She goes on, saying that it's Valentine's weekend, and that maybe Luke should shut up about all this stuff that he finds so frustrating. "Sure," he says. "Okay...fine," like she's the one being unreasonable, and I feel my blood boil.

Lorelai sighs, saying she's going to go find Rory and will see him out there. She is shocked to find Rory in the kitchen, surrounded by food and looking exactly like Nigella Lawson on the cover of her last cookbook. Lorelai is in disbelief. "You're wearing an apron," she says. "You've not worn an apron since you saw The Sound Of Music and you put one on so you'd look like Sister Maria, and you made a big crucifix out of popsicle sticks." Rory laughs and stuns her mother further by juicing an orange. Lorelai says that she wants to help, and starts grabbing up stuff on the chopping block. "This would definitely do a foot!" she says, wielding a knife. They are interrupted by Luke. "Rory's gonna let me chop something," Lorelai tells him. Luke: "Is that wise?" Lorelai is excited, though, and after pushing off the dinner knife Rory tries to make her use, picks up the big knife again, saying she's Mario Batali and Ina Garten's love child. Rory tells Luke that Logan is outside grilling the lobsters, and may need some help. "He kept them very well hidden from me," Rory says, "when they were, let's just say, not dead." Lorelai grimaces: "Not dead, ugh. I don't like all this behind-the-scenes food stuff." Luke heads out to check on Logan as something suddenly occurs to Rory. "What did you mean," she asks Lorelai, "it would 'do a foot'?"

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