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Valentine, The Destroyer

At the gym, Lorelai and Rory are taking a water break after their strenuous jog from the locker room to the front desk. "That was some gnarly cardio," Rory says. Lorelai wonders what it is about cucumber water that makes it so much more refreshing than plain water. "I think it's the cucumber," Rory says. They wander through the weight machines, trying act like they know their way around a gym. Aren't the machines crazy intimidating? I go to a gym, myself, but I get terrified every time I think about using an unfamiliar machine -- I try to act all cool about it, but I am always afraid I am about to sit on something backwards and lift when I should be pushing, or whatever. Rory says that she wants to be sure Luke has a good time while he's there with them. Lorelai says that he will; he's just not used to traveling much. Since when is that an okay excuse for being an ass? I don't understand it when grownup individuals cannot roll with the changes.

On the basketball court, Logan and Luke are playing a little one-on-one, and it is not going well for the old man. Logan says that it's probably because the shoes Luke had to buy at the gym gift shop are too small, hampering his game. Luke's ego gets the best of him, though, and instead of just having a good time, he has to challenge Logan, who is already beating him, to play all-out. Yeah, good strategy. "You're overestimating my skills," Logan says, "if you don't think I'm playing all-out." He scores on Luke again and, perhaps being overly polite, says that he charged and fouled Luke and shouldn't get the point. Luke insists that he didn't, and they keep playing.

Later, Luke and Logan find the ladies downstairs in the gym receiving shoulder massages from Ron and Jerry. Logan says he didn't know the gym had masseurs. "Ron and Jerry work for the laundry service," Lorelai says, "but they missed their calling." Luke is amazed that they got the laundry guys to give them massages. "Never underestimate the persuasive powers of Lorelai Gilmore," Rory says, and asks if the guys had fun "throwing the old hoop around." Logan laughs, saying it was something like that. Luke starts to bitch about the shoes, but Logan interrupts, saying that they had fun, and that nobody won. Lorelai jokes that Luke looks like a billboard for the Martha's Vineyard chamber of commerce, and he cringes, saying that the sweats were all they had. The guys hit the showers together (not like that!) and, to fill their spare time, Lorelai calls Ron and Jerry back over for more massaging.

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