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Valentine, The Destroyer

Later, at the newspaper office, Rory tells one of her staffers to make sure that every proof sheet is on her desk by 5 PM, and not a second later: "I know the boys in the lab can be jerks to women. But don't let that stop you. Girl Power, baby. Betty Friedan is dead and we've all got to fill the vacuum." Interesting. They had to have gone back and added this scene; she only died ten days before the episode aired. Plus, the rest of it seems so thrown together, even including the irritating Bill, the newspaper staffer best known for his Paris-hating. I don't believe I've taken time yet to smack on Bill's hipster nerd posturing, with his shirts and vests and painful hairstyle straight out of Fitzgerald. Shut up, Bill. He and Rory sit down to go over the editorial budget. He thinks he's got a story on amphetamine use on campus. Rory thinks it over. "Maybe," she laughs. "Hmm. It'd be ironic if my supply dried up based on an exposé I approved." Bill doesn't get it, and continues. "Professor Wallace wants a correction to the interview we printed with him," he says. "He wants to clarify that he, in fact, referred to his department's problems with the advisory board as a, quote, us and them thing, unquote." Rory asks what they printed originally. "'S&M thing,'" Bill says. Haaa! Bill says that he can have some of this stuff to Rory by Sunday morning, but thinking of her new weekend plans, she tells him to wait until Monday.

Back at the Inn, the Zydeco band is still playing when Rory calls Lorelai. "That's my new friend Bouzou," she explains, "which is Cajun for 'won't leave.'" She tells Rory about the whole thing, saying that this is the final nail in the coffin for June 3rd, and that the cut-off dates for all her deposits have passed as well: "Do you know anyone in the market for a wedding? It's all planned and paid for." "Mom," Rory sighs, "you'll have your wedding." Lorelai says she doesn't know anymore, though, because Luke has been so busy with April. "I'm bummed, kid," she says. Rory says she knows and is there to cheer Lorelai up: she extends the invitation to go with her and Logan to Martha's Vineyard. Instead of throwing down the phone and declaring that she would not be caught dead in the home of the family who led her child down the ego-crushing, boat-stealing, not-good-enough-for-us path, she smiles and says she's always wanted to see the Vineyard. Rory is delighted, saying that if Luke acts like a sourpuss while they're there, she and Lorelai will at least have each other. "And you're sure you have room?" Lorelai asks. "Me and Luke, plus five?" Rory: "Plus five?" Lorelai: "Well, I'm not coming without Bouzou and the boys!" Rory says she'll see her Friday, and we cut away as Lorelai tries to wrestle her dining room back from Bouzou.

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