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A Vineyard Valentine

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Valentine, The Destroyer

Sookie and Lorelai are interrupted when another staffer comes in to tell Lorelai that there's a Zydeco band to see her. "A what?" Lorelai asks. The guy repeats that it's a Zydeco band. "Did I mishear him twice?" Lorelai asks Sookie, who says that if Lorelai did, she did, too. They go out and find that, yes, Bouzou Barnes and The Cajun Stompers have come for their audition. "Sorry," Lorelai says, "but I'm like a thousand miles behind, here." Bouzou explains that they set this up a while ago. "Bouzou!" Lorelai says. "You're that Bouzou." Sookie: "You know more than one Bouzou?" Lorelai shakes her head. The band was something Lorelai was considering for her wedding, and forgot to cancel. She tries to explain to Bouzou that she doesn't need to hear them play, but he shakes his head: "No, Miss Gilmore, no. It's like this. When the Zydeco band is at the instrument, they must play." Turning to the band, he tells them to launch into "Zydeco Boogaloo." Sookie asks Lorelai when she started liking Zydeco music. Lorelai says she just thought it might be fun and festive; she was also going to audition a Dixieland combo, and Led Zepagain, a Led Zeppelin cover band. ["How timely and not at all opportunistic that Lorelai should consider hiring not one but two bands that play music traditionally associated with New Orleans! Shut up, Palladino." -- Wing Chun] Sookie says that June 3rd is coming up really quick, and Lorelai says that all of this slipped her mind. Bouzou sees Lorelai's worried look and figures she doesn't like the song. He calls for "Early In The Morning," which is exactly the same song. Sookie tells Lorelai to smile, or Bouzou might never leave.

Afternoon dawns at Logan and Rory's apartment (gag). He is just waking up at 11 AM while Rory frantically looks for her Thucydides. "I don't see how you can function without your Thucydides," Logan snarks. "Hey," Rory answers, "I'm trying to squish four semesters into three; if I slow down, I'll get whoomped." ["Hey, I just thought of something. Does Rory still have that job at the Stamford paper that she begged her way into and (bullshit) actually got? If so, how is she doing that, editing the Yale Daily News, and doing four semesters' worth of classes in three if she can also afford to fuck off on vacation for a long weekend?" -- Wing Chun] He tries to convince her to come back to bed, but she can't. In that case, he says, they should go away for the weekend, just to spend some time together. She says that this is a particularly bad weekend: even if she has any time available, she already promised to get together with her mom, whom she says she hasn't seen "in ages." So...when was last week's episode supposed to have taken place? In June? Because wasn't it already February? "But she doesn't kiss as good as I do," Logan says of Lorelai. Rory: "You don't know that." Um...inappropriate. In any case, Logan suggests that they invite Rory's mom and Luke along to Logan's family's house in the Vineyard. Rory is surprised by this offer and says she'll mention it.

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