Gilmore Girls
A Vineyard Valentine

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Valentine, The Destroyer

Cesar rushes out, saying he's remembered what he needed to tell him: April will be coming over the next day at 3. "She kept calling to remind me, like I wouldn't remember to tell you," he says. "Which I almost didn't. She's smart!" I love Cesar. Luke thanks him, and seemingly doesn't notice Lorelai's fallen face. He says that April's mom will probably pick her up around 7. "So..." Lorelai says. "I guess I'll pop up sometime after that." Luke says that sounds good. What on Earth is wrong with this man? I want to strangle him. Why won't he introduce his secret daughter to this woman he has just re-professed his love to? Hate. Forget what I said about us making up, it's back off. Lorelai says that she's tired and will be heading home, and as a matter of fact, she'll just walk. They share one of their old-school awkward, non-love kisses, and she heads out.

Arriving home to her dark house, Lorelai hits the answering machine and is surprised to hear her Aunt Alice's voice saying that she has seen that beautiful engagement announcement in the paper. Lorelai freezes. She throws down her mail and scrambles through the paper, looking for the social pages. She stares in disbelief at a huge photo of herself above a column about her June 3rd wedding, and listens in horror to the several other messages congratulating her on her upcoming nuptials.

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