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Valentine, The Destroyer

Unfortunately, it does. Luke and Lorelai hear the front door open, and call out to Logan and Rory that they are upstairs, "and in the interest of full disclosure," Lorelai adds, pulling her robe around her, "we're fairly casual." Unfortunately, again, it ain't Rory. Mitchum Huntzberger lunges through the door, asking who they are and saying that he's looking for Logan. Speak of the devil, Logan and Rory arrive home at that moment and the badness begins. Mitchum, mad as dammit, asks where the hell Logan has been, saying he's been ignoring Mitchum's calls and pages. Logan says he got all the pages, but that his dad didn't even need him that weekend. This is where they really get into it. Apparently, Logan was supposed to be in London over the weekend, meeting with his father's business clients, but he skipped it. They start screaming at each other, Logan saying he didn't need to be there, and his father saying that's not Logan's decision to make. It is a vicious, impressive fight, and Lorelai, Luke, and Rory look on, embarrassed. Mitchum gives the big finish, saying that Logan is getting on the plane today, and that he'd better get used to it, since he'll be in London for at least a year as soon as he graduates, as they discussed. "You discussed it," Logan says, to no avail. His dad does everything but grab him by his ear, and throw him in the car. "I have guests," Logan says; Mitchum says his guests can stay, but Logan's leaving.

Ten minutes later, Logan says his goodbyes. He and Lorelai have an awkward moment at the door. She tells him not to worry about it, and adds that no one understands letting family down better than she does. I wish they had had more time to talk about their evil families.

Logan is grim as he goes out with Rory. He doesn't want to talk about the full year in London. He says they don't have to think about it now, and that she should take the Porsche home, and keep planning the Asia trip. He gets into the car as Lorelai walks up to join Rory, who is watching Logan go. "So," Lorelai says. "That's Mitchum, huh? He's just like I imagined him." (Note: when the limo they're in pulls out of the driveway, you can almost see the Hollywood sign on the hills.)

Lorelai and Luke arrive back at the diner. Cesar greets them, saying they're back early and trying to remember something he was supposed to tell Luke. "I made some coffee," he says. "Maybe that was it." Luke: "Was that it?" Cesar says no, but that maybe he'll remember. When he goes to the back, Luke wonders what he's going to do with all the stuff he had to buy in the Vineyard. "Keep it. It looked good on you," Lorelai says. "Especially the sweatpants. You got a nice Mass-ass." Luke doesn't get it. "Massachusetts ass!" Lorelai explains. Luke nods, saying maybe he'll keep the sweatpants.

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