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Valentine, The Destroyer

On the deck, they all bask in the glow of their delicious dinner. Even though they have repeatedly said how freezing it is, no one is wearing particularly heavy clothing. Luke says that he loves lobster, and cannot believe he's never had it; he congratulates Logan on crustacean well-cooked. "And, not to toot my own horn, here," Lorelai adds, "but how 'bout that celery I chopped, huh?" They give her a round of applause as well, and Rory asks if they should go ahead a clear the table. "Well," Logan says, smooth as can be, "it's so pretty out here, the sun'll be down soon, so...before it gets dark, Happy Valentine's Day." With that, he presents Rory with the present. "Oh, my God," Rory says. "You humanely killed lobsters and you got me a present?" The merest hint of worry and jealousy goes across Lorelai's face as she watches her daughter open the box containing a very pretty bracelet. "It's a tennis bracelet," Luke says, to everyone's surprise. "Well," he says, "my sister makes jewelry, so I've picked up some terms." Rory and Logan smooch, and Luke makes his big move. "Well," he says, trying also to be smooth, "I guess it's my turn." Lorelai is shocked to see Luke passing her a gift box, and is blown away to see the necklace. When Rory notices that the two pieces go well together, Logan is quick to step in and say that he and Luke snuck out and found a little place to buy them, at the same time. Lorelai is very moved and says she loves it.

Later that night, Lorelai is in bed while Luke talks from the bathroom. He is still riding high from his lobster experience, saying it is now his favorite food from the sea: "It kicks tuna's ass. Kicks salmon's ass." Lorelai distractedly says yeah, lobster's great. Luke goes on, saying that Logan did a good job with the lobster, and that they've got to find a good place for it near Stars Hollow: "We'll probably have to go to Litchfield. I'm not even going to attempt the lobster at Al's Pancake World." Cute. What's not cute is Luke's hair, which I would bet money is a hairpiece, and I believe I've stated my feelings on that before. He notices that Lorelai is distracted, and asks her what's wrong. "Lately," she says, "I've been feeling like it's not going to happen." Luke isn't catching on. "Our wedding," Lorelai explains. Luke immediately moves to reassure her: "Of course it's going to happen." She asks him if he really wants it to. "Yes," he says, sincerely. "We're engaged. That hasn't changed. The wedding has just been postponed, that's all." Lorelai says it just doesn't feel like it's been postponed, and Luke is having a hard time understanding. He says he thought the necklace, which she is holding, would make her happy, but it seems to be making her sad. She says it's just that she had to cancel a lot of her June 3rd plans this week, is all. Luke's confused, still, but she explains that she was holding out hope that once things calmed down with him, he would change his mind. She acknowledges that that was stupid, and tells him that she lost all their deposits. "That doesn't matter," Luke insists. "We'll just put down new deposits." ["'You will,' I yell at the TV." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai sighs. "Really?" she asks, and Luke says yes, they are getting married. Lorelai says that she really wants to believe that, and Luke interrupts her, saying that he knows he's been preoccupied. "I don't like that about myself," he says. "I get in my own head and forget about the people around me." Lorelai says that's why she thought this trip would be good for him, but then when he got there, he complained about everything and everybody and was generally miserable: "I think the trip was a dumb idea." Luke shakes his head, with feeling, insisting that it was a good idea. "Hey," he says, all serious. Lorelai, still sad, answers, "What?" Luke: "You know I love you, right?" Lorelai says she really needs to hear that once in a while. (GIRL, so do the rest of us. Damn, I think this is the first time either of them have ever said the words, and it causes me to squeal like a forum poster.) He goes on: "I love you, and I'm gonna marry you, and at our wedding, we are having lobster." Lorelai smiles a sad smile and says okay, and lord almighty, they actually kiss. Like a real kiss, with feeling. "I really love this necklace," Lorelai says. ["Oh, the hell that he is going to have to pay when she finds out Logan bought it." -- Wing Chun]

We next see Luke and Lorelai waking up in the morning, both saying that they slept better last night than they had in months. Lorelai puts on her robe, saying she's going to go check on Logan and Rory, and finds that they've left breakfast for them on a tray outside the room. "Breakfast Santa," Lorelai says. "The service here is so excellent." They sit in bed eating breakfast, sharing stories about their childhood trips to Harvey's Beach. It is one of the most natural moments Luke and Lorelai have ever shared onscreen, and I really like it. Lorelai tells a story about having a crush on the guy who ran the snack stand. "We used to do cartwheels to get his attention," she says. Luke says it's possible that they could have been there at the same time, on the same day. "Nah," Lorelai says. "We never were. 'Cause you would have distracted me from the snack stand guy, and no guy ever did." Luke laughs. "What about eloping?" he asks. They talk about eloping -- which is the kind of wedding I would have though these two characters would have had all along -- and Luke says they can even come back to the Vineyard for a few weeks in the summer, to celebrate. Lorelai is thrilled with that idea, I've completely made up with Luke, Lorelai is happy, all is right with the world, and this scene is so sweet, I wish it would never end.

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