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A Vineyard Valentine

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Valentine, The Destroyer

Outside, Logan is, indeed, working at the grill. It's a time-honored Huntzberger tradition, Logan says, to cook lobster just right. Luke says that he's never head lobster, and Logan says he's sure Luke will love it. "So, FYI," he continues, "I'm probably going to do the present thing at dinner." Luke looks confused. "Just wanted to give you a heads up," Logan adds. "Don't want to complicate your life." Luke is only vaguely catching on: "You got Rory a present?" Logan says he did, for Valentine's Day. Ah. Luke, of course, has nothing for Lorelai, and for the first time in this episode, I am kind of on his side, seeing as how, as he says, Valentine's Day is not until a few days later. ["Not that he was planning to get her anything regardless." -- Wing Chun] Still, he looks chagrined, and asks if there's someplace open nearby. "Only if you want to buy her a windbreaker," Logan says, "or some boating equipment." Logan sees his pain, and comes to Luke's rescue. He went overboard, he says, and got Rory both a tennis bracelet and a necklace: "Let me give you one to give to Lorelai." Luke says he couldn't possibly accept that, but Logan presses: "Dude, it's Valentine's Day. You gotta give your girl something." Ick. I think Logan's being awfully nice, but I hate how chummy he is with someone so much older. Also, wouldn't the solution to this problem, if it is even really a problem, be Luke's asking Logan not to give Rory her gifts at dinner, and waiting, instead, to do it in private? After all, it isn't even Valentine's Day. Logan convinces Luke to take one of the gifts, though, and Luke reluctantly but gratefully says he'll take the necklace: "Mainly because I have no idea what a tennis bracelet is." Logan is glad to do it, and says that, in a minute, they can sneak out to the car where he's hidden the gifts: "We men have to stick together."

Lorelai is still really enjoying all the cooking prep in the kitchen. Rory warns her against over-mashing the potatoes -- "[That's] called potato soup" -- but Lorelai shakes her head: "You know, you can put on the apron and shout out things like 'dice the carrots,' but implying you can over-mash potatoes proves you're a phony." Rory: "You're the one who thought the potato masher was a waffle-shaper." Rory gleefully tells her mom that she and Logan are thinking of going to Asia for six weeks at the end of the school year. Nothing's set in stone, she says, but she's bought the books and is researching everything. I suppose we can all assume that Logan is paying for this trip? I guess. Lorelai says that Rory has become too fabulous to hang out with her, and they continue their salad and potato hijinks as Logan and Luke come through, saying they have to dig some lobster tongs out of the garage. "It's weird, you know," Rory says, when they leave. "It just hit me: these could be The Ones." Lorelai looks at her. "'The Ones'?" she repeats, looking wary. "The Ones," Rory says again. Totally dazed, Lorelai says, "Yeah...yeah."

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