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...with Lorelai and Digger in front of MamaLane's shop. They'll never get to Woodbury at this rate. Oh, wait. The Jeep is packed with furniture, so I guess Digger and Lorelai are on their way back into town. Digger is still on the phone. Lorelai has had it with sharing Digger with his job, and heckles his business calls. She yells at him to get off the phone. Digger asks for two minutes. Lorelai stomps and pouts into MamaLane's shop.

MamaLane is with a customer. Lorelai wanders around the shop. MamaLane sees Lorelai, and immediately pretends to be searching for something. Lorelai tells MamaLane that Lane is fine, and with Rory at Yale. MamaLane doesn't look at Lorelai. She looks up, facing us, and we can see her relief. She finishes her transaction with another customer as Lorelai quietly excuses herself.

Digger's on the phone with someone else as Lorelai walks back out to the curb. He frantically makes arm motions for her to shut up, but when has Lorelai ever done that? It's not until he shouts the word "Emily," that Lorelai zips it. Digger tells Emily that he took the morning off, and then agrees with her that Richard deserves a morning off, too. He hangs up and tells Lorelai he pulled a muscle waving at her, and was so dramatic that she should have known he was talking to her mother. Lorelai asks if Digger's doing a Mrs. Robinson thing with her mother. Digger: "Yes. I was visiting Richard one day and he stepped out and Emily lit a cigarette and did that triangle thing with her thigh and...." Ick. Emily's making Digger come to some charity event at a hotel the next day. Then Lorelai answers her own cell phone (without checking Caller ID first so that she can make Digger not talk through her conversation) to find Emily inviting her to the very same charity function. Emily wants to know why Lorelai just called her "Emily" instead of "Mom," and who was the man yelling in the background. Digger's phone rings again, and Lorelai has to walk away so that Emily doesn't hear him talking. Lorelai agrees to go to the charity event. Digger gets off the phone and begs Lorelai to tell her parents that they're dating before they get caught. Lorelai knows her parents will be mad that she hid it. Digger points out that they'll be madder the longer Digger and Lorelai hide it. Lorelai says her parents will screw things up, and that she likes their relationship the way it is right now. Digger says they'll get caught together on the street, or there will be a traffic report with photos of them sitting in the car. Digger says that barring some kind of Star Trek cloaking device -- which was problematic for both Kirk and Picard -- they'd better come clean. Lorelai is uncomfortable dating a Trekkie. Digger shows how he's covered in sweat from three minutes on the phone with Emily. He likes their relationship, too, which is why he feels so strongly about telling her parents. Lorelai agrees to tell Emily that night. Digger offers to tell Richard. Lorelai says she'll handle it. Digger turns off his phone. They head back into MamaLane's to buy furniture. That's a little awkward, isn't it? Hanging out with MamaLane at a time like this?

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