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Luke tries to drive his truck in the town in which he lives. However, a certain big-city smarmy boy is tailgating, swerving, flashing headlights, and honking. Luke yells for him to take it easy, parks his truck, and declares, "Jerk."

Lorelai checks her clock. She's apparently been dressed and ready to go for hours and hours and hours. She looks out her window and sees the same black car that was chasing Luke. She heads out of her house.

Digger is in the black car, kicked back in a reclined position, taking a conference call with Japanese men. Lorelai knocks on his window, and Digger lowers it. Digger says some insurance-sounding stuff, and throws in the phrase "international laws." Digger apologizes to Lorelai. She asks what happened to taking the morning off. Digger says he does have the morning off. However, Japan doesn't. He asks if she wants to get in the car with him. Lorelai: "With all these Japanese businessmen in the car? Kinky!" And of course, the Japanese businessmen begin repeating the word "kinky." Digger gets off the phone. Lorelai asks if they can take her Jeep, since it can hold more stuff. Digger gets out of his car. They kiss. Lorelai says she's got a fabulous list of places in neighboring Woodbury, and that they'll grab a newspaper to find estate sales, and then hit a few places in Stars Hollow before lunch. Digger asks if there's time for coffee now, since he hasn't had any in hours. What time is it? Lorelai asks what time he got up. "5." Lorelai is amazed that "they have one of those in the morning, too." Digger asks if they can go to the place she's always talking about -- "Duke's." Lorelai tries to blow it off like it's no big deal, that the place is nothing special, and that Luke's/Duke's probably isn't open right now anyway, but Digger insists.

On the way, Digger takes another conference call. Lorelai knows no Dutch, so she can't help. She says she has a picture of people ice skating under a windmill. Digger says he stinks at taking mornings off. They pull up in front of Luke's. Digger sees Luke's truck, and immediately wants to leave. He doesn't want to meet the man he tailgated less than an hour ago. There is much argument, much discussion, and much "Luke"/"Duke"-ing. They leave, but not before Luke sees Lorelai in a car with another man. Lorelai sure does talk baby-talk around Digger. But then again, per Bad Santa, maybe that's just Lauren Graham's flirting voice.

Jamie pounces Rory at the cafeteria. He asks Rory if she knows anything about what's going on with Paris. He rearranged everything to come see her, but she won't see him. She's been canceling plans for weeks and not calling him. Rory says that Paris is very busy being a freshman in college, and that Lane's been in their suite. Jamie asks what "chasing the dragon" is, and whether Paris is seeing somebody else. "Not that I know of," says Rory. Jamie thanks Rory, and says that this really helped. Rory promises that it'll get better. Jamie confesses that today's his birthday. Rory wishes him a happy birthday. Jamie leaves.

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