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One of Ben's old patients, played by the same guy who played Norm in Fargo and Drew Carey's cross-dressing brother, is the mayor of Boston, and his name is Sonny Green. We don't get the full name until later, but trust me, it's easier to just say it now. Sonny is also trying to decide whether to run for the Senate. In Ben's office, they discuss how Ben went "door-to-door" for Sonny's first campaign, and that campaigns are a lot of stress. Sonny says that it's weird, because he never had to decide whether or not to run before -- he just did it. Ben asks how his wife (Teddy) feels about this, and Sonny says that he can't talk to her about it. Ben emphasizes that Sonny's secrets are safe "within these walls," and Sonny laments that he can't have secrets because reporters will find them out. Sonny compares "a man's reputation" to a pile of leaves -- all the work and "one stiff wind and it's gone." Or, he could not put his reputation on the line by doing things his constituents wouldn't like. I'm just saying. Ben doesn't get it, and Sonny reveals that he has a girlfriend. Ben smiles, and then realizes that Sonny isn't kidding. Sonny just sits there and looks like he has a bit of acid reflux.

Max is reading Ben something from his computer screen. It looks to be a press release about how Ben gave Mayor Sonny Green his annual physical examination. Max lays it on thick, name-dropping some of the hospital's features, and Ben calls him on it. Max says, "Don't rush the muse." Hee! Max is funny. I wish this show had more Ben and Max stuff. Ben says it seems a bit much for "some routine bloodwork," and suggests that they should say Ben found the Mayor to be "vigorous, athletic, and in excellent health." Max wonders what it would be like if they all had to issue a press release after their annual physical, and guesses that his would say, "Max Cabranez' personal physician pronounced him happy to have some of his hair left, and amazed to still be alive." Ben discusses some of the politicians (Woodrow Wilson, JFK) whose personal health was kept from the public. Max thinks that a man's hemorrhoids are his business. Amen, brother. I certainly don't want to know about it. Ben points out that they are using the Mayor's fame to promote Ben and the hospital, and then suggests they hold off on the press release for a bit. Max says any hospital would send out the press release. Ben wants to wait until they go over the bloodwork face to face, because they "don't want to jinx it."

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