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Ben is explaining the tear in the artery to Mrs. Porter. Max and Ellyn are nearby. The widow doesn't think this is supposed to happen. Ellyn points out that it's a known risk, and that Porter was informed of the risk before it happened. Mrs. Porter wants to know who did it, because she would like to talk to them, and ask them why. Mrs. Porter is all righteously indignant.

Mrs. Porter is walking out. Ben walks up behind her and says that the doctors who treated her husband answer to him, so he is ultimately responsible. She wants to know what really happened. Ben says that they failed, and that they made a series of mistakes that were neither criminal nor malicious. Mrs. Porter can't believe they "screwed up," and wonders if that's supposed to make her feel better. She makes to leave, and Ben tells her that he "killed a man once by making a mistake," and he sees the man's face every day. Ben can't make her feel better, but they know what they did, and they won't forget. Mrs. Porter tears up and says she's so angry, but she sounds more upset than angry. She makes to leave again, but stops and turns, and asks Ben if he will tell her all of it if she wants to know. Ben agrees. Mrs. Porter walks out.

Next week: Ben tells a woman she has breast cancer. The woman refuses to accept it, and is mad at Ben for telling her husband her secrets. Wyatt is named one of the hunkiest doctors in Boston.

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