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Boies is sitting outside Ben's office. Ben opens the door for Boies to enter. Ben snarks that Boies thinks he can handle any case "with plenty of 'tude and insouciant wit." Boies objects, but Ben says that he was the same way when he was chief resident. Ben thinks that Boies is "the most technically competent" doctor he's ever seen, but that gets him into trouble because he thinks he can take on every case, and he doesn't show caring. Boies says that he cares, even if he doesn't show it. Ben says Boies is "a child of privilege" and he didn't fight for him. Boies says Ben doesn't know him. Boies continues that M & M is not about learning. It's about "taking responsibility." Ben agrees. Boies walks out. Ben looks concerned and confused.

Ollie walks into Boies's office. She's wondering about something -- she found out that Boies never answered the page about the thrombosis. You know the call that kept him out of the room while Porter died? Ollie is saying that call never happened. Boies denies it. Ollie walks out.

Wyatt is telling Boies that you "make the best decision you can make in the moment," and "if it turns out to be wrong, you don't let it shake you." Boies agrees. Wyatt says that he has to tell Boies something important: "I thought I had it covered." Hey, it's the Law & Order ending! Don't miss the last five minutes!

Cut to Wyatt covering the dialysis. Wyatt gets a page. Wyatt checks the monitor. Wyatt asks the nurse to keep an eye on Porter. Wyatt calls his mother, because his father just got out of hip replacement surgery. Cut to Boies in his office, looking at his beeping pager. Wyatt is still on the phone. Boies starts to return his page. Wyatt hears the beeping dialysis machine and runs into Porter's room. Boies sees some light flashing and runs to Porter's room, doing chest compressions. Cut back to Wyatt saying he wouldn't have left if he didn't think he had it covered and thanking Boies for taking the fall. Boies says he won't do it again and walks away. Turns out they were having this conversation while looking at Porter's dead body in the morgue. Wyatt walks up to the body and stares at it.

Ben is meeting with Max and the hospital lawyer (Ellyn from thirtysomething). Ellyn explains to Ben the proper way to talk to the widow and still avoid a malpractice case. Ben isn't pleased, and says he can't do it because there are things he wants to say. Max says they all do, but they can't. Ben clarifies that they care, but they're not responsible, and wonders what kind of care that is. Max says the institution has to protect itself.

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