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Lab Guy gives his testimony to Ben. It's all lab talk, and I can't really make heads or tails of it. Boies says he gave the lab report "due consideration" on Sunday evening. Cut to Boies telling Wyatt that he doesn't want to give Porter meds. Wyatt thinks Porter has a staph infection. Boies checks out the report and reveals that they don't know what kind of staph it is, where it came from, or if he even has it for sure. Boies wants to "let him heal" and "wait it out."

Wyatt is talking to the nurse, and they note that Porter's temperature is spiking. Wyatt consults Boies, who doesn't want to do anything until the lab confirms it's a bug. The nurse tells Wyatt that Porter's "potassium is six" and she thinks he should be on dialysis. Wyatt calls Boies, and leaves a message. The nurse can't believe he hasn't talked to Boies, and points out that it's Wyatt's patient. This appears to be all the convincing Wyatt needs, as he orders dialysis. Can he even do that? Ben feels the same way. Boies admits that Wyatt did it "without [his] consent and without [his] consultation." Just when you think Wyatt is in big, big trouble, Ben points out that Wyatt saved the patient's life at that time. Oh, so it wasn't that bad.

Boies continues that, at about 3 AM on Sunday, he stopped by to check on Porter, and he was stable and still undergoing dialysis. The dialysis guy says that Porter's blood is as "thick as mud" and asks if Boies can cover for a minute while he takes a break. Boies agrees. Ben establishes that Boies was responsible for the patient. We see Boies's beeper go off, and he checks out some sort of monitor. It must look okay, because Boies walks out of the room and asks the nurse at the desk to look in on Porter while he returns the page. He does, and it's relating to his coach-flying thrombosis case. The nurse hears someone calling weakly for her, and goes into another patient's room instead of Porter's. Boies is detained on the phone for a moment longer. Ben can't believe he left the patient. Boies tries to say that he had to make a phone call, and Ollie looks surprised. Cut to the dialysis machine suddenly shutting down and all sorts of alarms going off. Commercial.

Okay, so the guy's basically dead and we still have fifteen minutes of show left. Interesting.

Boies is telling Ben that he thought that "the situation was under control." Cut back to the beeping machine. Boies, still on the phone, looks at his watch. Boies tells Ben that a blood clot formed in the machine. Ben asks how long it lasted, and Boies answers, "Between three and five minutes." Boies walks back toward the room, hears the beeping, and runs in. Boies tells Ben that Porter lost "significant" blood and became hypotensive. Boies rushes into the room and starts compressions. Boies tells Ben that the time of death was 3:37 AM. Ben thanks him. Wyatt looks down at the ground. Ben says that "all doctors make mistakes" and "usually the system of checks and balances" corrects them. In Mr. Porter's case, all of the errors added up to catastrophe.

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