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Ollie tells Ben that when she examined Porter on Saturday night, he was stable, but "slightly febrile." Why can't they just say he had a fever? Ollie orders a bunch of antibiotics, thinking it's an infection. The nurse points out that the temperature rise "could be in response to the M.I." The nurse suggest running the drug order by the chief resident first, but Ollie wants to "stop a fire before it starts." She walks out, saying, "Who's in the woods?" Ben asks her if she determined if Porter had any allergies, and Ollie says there was nothing in the charts. Ben asks for Cherry's opinion. Cherry stands up reluctantly. Cut to a nurse examining Porter, who has a rash. The nurse calls Cherry in, thinking that Porter is having an allergic reaction and that Ollie is unavailable. Porter confirms that it's an allergic reaction, and looking at what Ollie prescribed, notes that "she really carpet-bombed the poor bastard, didn't she?" Cherry doesn't know which drug caused the reaction, so he babbles something about a native guide and writes something on the chart. Ben asks what Cherry prescribed, and Cherry says it was a steroid to clear up the rash. Ben points out that it wasn't Cherry's patient, and Cherry says the rash was worsening, according to the nurse, and he was trying to help.

Cut to Ollie chastising Cherry for "muscling in" on her patient. Porter is now "bloated beyond recognition" and Ollie will have to "blast him with diuretics." Ben asks if either of them considered the risks, which sounds like an innocent question, but Ben takes the opportunity to knock both of them down for what they did. I start to get mad at Ben, and then I remember that a healthy man died, and suddenly my anger goes away. Well, my anger at Ben goes away. Ben emphasizes "one of the bedrock principles of medicine -- first, do no harm." Ben asks if the diuretics straightened things out. Cut to Ollie and Cherry explaining what they've done to Boies, and saying that they think things are stabilized. Boies says they would be right to think that -- "if his kidneys weren't failing." D'oh! Commercial.

After commercial, Boies is up. He says that Cherry and Ollie updated him on Sunday afternoon. Cut to Boies giving Ollie and Cherry quite the dressing-down, as he points out that the doctors have given Porter a heart attack and now kidney failure. Boies tells them to go home. Wyatt is on the phone with his mother. Does he do anything but make personal calls? Boies gets serious and hands Porter over to Wyatt, telling him that although he's Wyatt's patient, Wyatt needs to do exactly what Boies says.

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