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Sid tells Ben that it was decided to "transfer the patient to the cardiac catheterization lab" for surgery. Ben asks if Sid decided this himself. Sid says he consulted with the head of Cardiology. Cut to Sid trying to convince Heart Guy to do the surgery. Heart Guy doesn't think it sounds necessary, and he's got a squash game at four. Well, good to know his priorities are in place. Sid convinces Heart Guy to do it by promising to do all the prep work so that Heart Guy can "step right in."

During the surgery, Porter is awake and alert. I know about the dangers of anesthesia and all, but I don't think I would want to be awake while doctors were poking shit in my heart. I'm a big wimp that way. Heart Guy praises Sid's technique, and Sid says he's thinking of going into cardiology. Heart Guy pulls Sid aside and offers to let him to do the technique, even though he's never done one before. Oh, this doesn't look good. Sid agrees to do it. He tells Porter what he's doing as it happens. They watch the procedure on a monitor. Just as Sid goes into the coronary artery, Porter starts moaning in pain. Heart Guy says Porter is "infracting." No one will answer Porter's questions about what's happening to him, and when they do give him information, it's in medical terminology. Finally, Sid injects dye into the heart so they can figure out what's going on, and tells Porter he's having a heart attack.

Ben reviews for those of you who missed the first quarter of the show. Ben tells Sid that he managed to "provoke an M.I.," and asks how that happened. Cut to Heart Guy telling Sid he made a small tear in the heart, and that caused the heart attack. Heart Guy could repair it via surgery, but he doesn't think it would work because the artery is too small. Heart Guy advises just letting Porter "ride it out." In other words, have the heart attack. Actually, he says they should "put him in the CCU, watch for arrhythmia, give him some morphine to shut him up and send him home when the whole thing's over." Nice. Heart Guy kept reminding me of David Letterman, and I couldn't figure out why until just now. The actor played Letterman in HBO's movie about late-night television. Ironic that he's playing a heart surgeon now, given Letterman's problems, no? On his way out, Heart Guy tells Sid to forget about going into cardiology. Wow, what a charmer. Hope he didn't miss his squash game.

Sid tells Ben that Porter was transferred to the CCU for "monitoring and pain control" and signed over to Ollie. Cut to Sid giving Ollie the bullet as Cherry looks on. Does Cherry have any patients of his own? Ollie realizes that the hospital staff caused "the infarct." Ollie says she'll never go to the hospital as a patient, and asks who is "the schmuck who botched the cath." Sid just looks at her and walks out. Ollie leaves too, and Cherry offers to give her advice since she is "in the deep woods" after botching the call on one of Gideon's patients. Oh yeah, Sick Building Guy. Ollie denies that she is "in [Cherry's] world" or even his galaxy. Cherry thinks she just won't admit it.

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