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Max starts off the conference by reminding everyone that this is confidential, and turns things over to Ben. Stiles is called on to present the case. The patient, David Porter, was forty-one years old, and came in with "radiating chest pains." We flash back to Stiles interviewing Porter, who doesn't smoke or exercise. They establish that the pain is like someone pressing on his chest, and he's been experiencing it all morning. Stiles suggests the symptoms of a heart problem (pain down the left arm, tingling fingers) and Porter isn't sure. Stiles says it could be "stress, heartburn, pinched nerve," or something cardiac related. Stiles wants to do an EKG to be sure.

Ben asks Stiles about the test, and she says she took Porter to the technician and then waited for the results. Cut to Stiles complaining to Boies that none of the staff is friendly to her. Boies tells her to relax, and tells her about a guy who got a blood clot from flying coach. Really? That's scary. Stiles wishes Boies a good day off, and someone comes up to tell her the EKG is done. While looking at the test results, she goes to ask the tech which one is Porter's, because they're apparently not labeled. The tech is on the way out and doesn't answer her. Stile looks at several test results, and finds one that apparently meets her requirements. She tells Ben that the EKG revealed heart problems. Ben establishes that the EKGs were not labeled, and that she picked the one that fit the diagnosis she had already made, but she really didn't know if it was Porter's results. That Ben is tricky. He should be a lawyer. Or a homicide detective. Stiles gets upset at being caught in her mistake. Ben asks what she did next, and after recovering some composure, Stiles says that "the threat of infarction appeared high on [their] differential," so she sought out "a cardiac consult, and a follow-up EKG."

Cut to Sid telling Porter that his follow-up EKG appears normal. Porter says he's feeling better, and wants to go home. He makes a joke about a "honey do" weekend -- in other words, "honey do this, honey do that." Aw, that's so Hi and Lois. In the process of explaining, he reveals that his wife is away for the weekend. Sid and Stiles ask him about stress, and Porter says he's a day trader, which Sid says seems like a stressful job. Sid says the new test doesn't mean Porter doesn't have a heart problem -- once the patient is removed from stress, the tests will often go back to normal. Stiles asks to see Sid outside. Stiles objects to keeping Porter there. Sid thinks Porter is "walking the ragged edge of disaster," and wants to "pull him back from the brink." Stiles looks concerned.

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