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A well-dressed middle-aged woman walks into the hospital, looking for her husband, who may be a patient at the hospital. The first person she talks to behind the desk barely listens to her before placing the staff meal order. The second person blows her off entirely. She corners Wyatt, who gets a page in the middle of the conversation and tells her to talk to someone behind the counter. Finally, she gets a hold of Ollie and begs for her help. The woman explains that she was away over the weekend, and when she got back, her husband was gone, and his work said that they had gotten a call about his medical coverage from Metropolitan General. The woman gets understandably frantic, and says that her husband's name is David Porter. Ollie describes him, and once they have verified that they're talking about the same guy, says that Mr. Porter came in Saturday with chest pains and had some tests. Mrs. Porter wants to know if her husband is okay, and Ollie leaves to get the last doctor that treated him. It's not looking good for Mr. Porter, is it? If he was fine, Ollie would just say so. Mrs. Porter takes a seat.

Ollie wants to know why Boies has to talk to the wife. It's Boies' job, he says. Ollie points out that there may be legal issues. Boies says she's not helping. Ollie wants to know what Boies will say, but he doesn't know, and he heads over to greet Mrs. Porter. After introducing himself, Boies tells her that her husband was admitted, and there were complications, and her husband went into shock and died of cardiac arrest. Mrs. Porter says, "I can't breathe." Boies apologizes again, but Mrs. Porter still can't breathe. You're a doctor, man! Do a tracheotomy or something! But I think poor Mrs. Porter needs more than that.

Ben and Max are walking down the hall discussing the upcoming "M & M" conference, which we discover stands for "Morbidity and Mortality." Ben is of the opinion that said conference is about "assigning blame" and "covering [their] asses." Max feels that it's about "learning from [their] mistakes." Anyone who has watched ER can tell you that Ben is mostly right. They meet up with Lab Guy (I think he has a name, and I think it's Pirandello, but I'm just going to call him Lab Guy), who says he loves "Death and Donuts" because it's like the Roman Coliseum. This is the same guy who wanted to put a picture of Hitler in the lab last week. He's quirky. We see many other doctors filing in and taking seats.

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