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Curing Cancer

Ben and Lab Guy peer at some mice and discuss how they will never have to write another grant proposal again. Ben struggles to open a bottle of champagne. Lab Guy says that what has happened to them doesn't seem real, that it should happen to someone like "Madame Curie." Ben still can't open the bottle of champagne. Max walks in and, like the viewers, wants to know what's going on. Ben hands Max a mouse, and tells him to feel it. Max says it feels like a mouse. Ben says that "four weeks ago, he felt like a bag of marbles." Lab Guy adds, "That's how riddled with tumors he was." They all stare at one another as Max takes in the importance of what they are saying. Ben says, essentially, that they've discovered a cure for cancer without using those words. Max hopes it means money, and Ben says that it means hope. What is this, a Bill Clinton biography movie?

An overweight, pasty-looking bald guy is in Ben's office, telling a story about how he went out for his birthday, and he wanted to look nice in the hopes of getting laid. He was going to wear a certain dress shirt, and after a certain amount of witty repartee, he reveals that he couldn't button the collar, even though he knew he had lost weight. Let's call this shirt the Blue Oxford of Plot Advancement, for reasons to be revealed later. Ben explains that his lymph nodes were swollen. Pasty says that he now has three months to live. Ben gives more back-story about a mole that was removed that caused the cancer. Pasty talks about how he is "fair-skinned," and how fair is "an amazing word to appear anywhere near what is happening to [him] right now." Ben asks what Pasty's doctor said, and Pasty says he's supposed to "enjoy the time [he has] left." Also, Pasty lives with his mother, who prays for him.

Pasty is getting an MRI; meanwhile, Sid and Boies discuss how Sid's parents keep trying to set him up with an Indian girl with the right degree. Boies says that his mother could never be satisfied with any woman he dated. They debate the merits of prearranged marriages. Sid think that "love is a slaughterhouse. That feeling that you're one with the universe? It's a rush of endorphins as your throat is cut." Well. That's a cheery thought. Neither of them is paying a bit of attention to Pasty, who slides into the MRI machine.

Sid is talking to a youngish woman, who is sitting with a very pale, scruffy, older, possibly French man. Frenchie is tired all the time, and has been diagnosed with lymphoma. He's so tired, he can't even hold his head up -- it's resting on his wife's shoulder. Mrs. Frenchie says that he finished up his chemo four months ago, and Sid says that it should have been resolved by now. Frenchie says that life is "bittersweet" and starts crying. The wife blames it on his being tired. Frenchie says his wife is a great woman for helping him so much. As they walk out, the wife makes eyes at Sid. Uh oh.

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