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Super big props to procrastinatrix for sending me a tape of this episode when I screwed up. Thanks, procrastinatrix!

Previously on Gideon's Crossing: Sid screwed up while operating on Mr. Porter. Boies had to tell Mrs. Porter that her husband died. Mrs. Porter sued. Ellyn the lawyer claimed that the hospital wasn't responsible. Ah, but it wasn't just Sid's fault. Cherry caused Mr. Porter's kidneys to fail. Wyatt, distracted by his wife's departure, left Porter unsupervised. Porter died. Boies took the fall for Wyatt. Ben yelled at Boies. Mrs. Porter wanted the doctors involved named, and for them to take responsibility for their actions. In other words, a whole heap of trouble is coming.

An orderly pushing a tray of food stops to blow his nose -- right near all the food. A nurse carrying a tray of meds drops them on the floor, then picks them up and puts them back on the tray. Another nurse brings urine samples to the counter, then picks up a bunch of I.V. bags. A patient walks through the spill on the floor. Some random guy totally sneezes on the patient. That point is that hospitals can kill you, I guess. But it's not like those same types of things don't happen in everyday life. I guess you're more vulnerable in a hospital, because of your weakened immune system from being sick and all.

Ollie is talking to a patient named Mr. Chin, asking about his stomach pain. Chin wants a glass of water. Ollie tells him he can't eat or drink, and offers ice chips. Chin isn't happy. Cherry shows up and summons Ollie. Chin goes on and on about the glass of water, saying he can get it himself. Ollie tells the nurse that she should "shoot to kill" if Chin tries it.

Ollie follows Cherry out of the room. Cherry gives her the bullet on a patient who is undergoing chemo but came in with "strep pneumonia" two weeks ago. She's had a relapse. Cherry is concerned because she crashed within forty-five minutes. Ollie thinks it's an infection, but Cherry doesn't think there are any signs. The woman groans in pain. Cherry mentions that it's one of Ben's patients. Ollie struggles to come up with an explanation for the sudden crash, while Cherry rips on her for suggesting Ebola. Hey, at least she's trying to help! Cherry leaves to get Boies, over Ollie's protests. Boies is in mid-complaint about another patient, who suspiciously had the same symptoms as Cherry's patient. Cherry points out that his patient "crashed like a Kennedy was at the wheel." Boies picks up on the similarities and runs off. When they arrive, Ollie is putting in a central line. Cherry accuses her of "muscling in." Ollie calls Cherry "Opie," and when he asks for some respect, she changes it to "Dr. Opie." Boies wants to intubate and take the patient to ICU. Sid comes in, looking for some help with charts. The others protest that they are busy with a patient. Sid starts detailing another patient who had a similar crash the night before. Boies finishes putting the tube in. Ollie asks what's going on. Boies replies, "I don't know. Things are getting distinctly hinky in this town." Get it? Because the title of the episode is "Hinkytown"?

Wyatt leaves a message on his in-laws' answering machine for his wife. They haven't talked, and he's wondering what's going on with them. He wants to talk. Yeah, maybe he should have thought of that a few months ago.

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