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Cherry rings a doorbell at some apartment and then knocks. Rachel answers, and wants to know how he got the address. Cherry thinks she's making a mistake with her boyfriend, and needs someone who understands and appreciates her. Rachel isn't interested and tries to close the door on him. Cherry thinks she saw something in him, and if she goes away, it will too. Rachel says that anything she saw is there for anyone to see, and tells him to leave. Cherry starts to go, but Rachel says he's a nice guy, but he's got to relax. Cherry thinks they'll put that on his tombstone.

BLL is packing her things up. AH offers her a ride home. BLL doesn't want his pity, and can't live with his disgust. AH feels betrayed and hurt, and the time for lying is done between them. BLL can't go back to who she was before, and AH doesn't think she has to. AH says he'll try to be her husband again, but he can't guarantee anything, because he doesn't know if he's "man enough for someone who is man enough to be the woman they really are." BLL starts crying and says she's not going to be pretty. AH hugs her and says they should talk at home. He picks up her bag and they walk out arm in arm. BLL smiles at Boies in the hallway.

Cherry asks Wyatt (who is hanging out in the break room at the hospital) if he's on call. Wyatt just didn't want to go home. Cherry says his feet just brought him there. Cherry sits, and they decide to share their troubles. Aw, a friendship. Between the quirky one and the one who's mean to his Teen Bride.

Next week: Ben wants to get one of his patients into a clinical trial for a miracle drug.

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