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Inside, Ben starts heating up the soup and apologizes for what happened with her husband, and suggests she focus on her health. He asks if she's talked with her daughters. BLL says that the time hasn't been right. Ben says that she'll always be their mother, and she has no choice. BLL says he's right. She seems to give in way too easily, and she's all smiles. This doesn't bode well, methinks.

BLL goes into her daughters' bedroom and looks at them. Someone get her some powder, stat! She has a lot of shine on her face. Now BLL is in bed, but she's not sleeping. She reaches over and grabs a bottle of pills, and then downs them. Um, is that the recommended dosage? "As many as you can chug"?

Ben walks into BLL's hospital room. Ben says he was trying to give her the "courage to live, not die." BLL says she couldn't do it anymore, and when she looked at her choices, it didn't look like she had any choice at all. Ben feels he should have recognized that. BLL knows Ben wants to save her life, but before she "changed," her life was hell. Ben says that her life is full now. BLL thinks that her life will be like it was before she "changed" again, and she doesn't know how to life like that. Ben says she's a strong person, but then he amends it to "strong woman."

Wyatt is yelling at his Teen Bride in the hallways at the hospital, because people are laughing at him while he tries to do his job due to the magazine article. Teen Bride says that he never talks to her about anything, and even when he's home (which isn't often), he's not there. Wyatt doesn't want to talk about it, and thinks they should just go see the movie as planned. Teen Bride wants to help him, but she can't if he won't talk to her. Wyatt gets all defensive, saying that every patient he sees, all he can think is, "Hope I don't screw this one up." He starts to explain about Porter, but then stops and says she wouldn't understand. Teen Bride is willing to try, but Wyatt is having none of it, and tells her to go see the movie herself. Can this marriage be saved?

Anxious Husband goes to see Ben in his office. AH has been at his fishing cabin to "clear [his] head." Ben wonders if he's been home. AH is all fidgety and doesn't know whether to call his wife "her" or "him." AH says they are separated, but she's dependent on his insurance policy. Ben says he doesn't deal with insurance, but he'll get him the number. AH is worried that the insurance company will cut off her coverage. Ben figures out that AH wants to know how she's doing. AH says it's none of his business anymore. He's really pushing the "I don't love her anymore" thing. Ben says she's having trouble giving up the hormones, because she thinks they make her who she is. AH disagrees. Ben suggests he tell her that. AH is "no fag." Ben says his wife isn't either, and tells AH that BLL took an overdose of sleeping pills. AH asks about the children, and Ben says they're with AH's mother and they don't know anything. It seems BLL called the paramedics herself, and the psych department thinks it was "a cry for help, not a serious attempt." AH wants to know what he should do. Ben can't tell him.

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