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BLL is playing Connect Four with her daughter in the kitchen when Anxious Husband arrives home, but he's not so much Anxious as Angry now. He tells the daughter to leave and sits at the table. He asks BLL what's going on. The gig, she is up.

Ben is letting his kids off in front of school. He sees BLL letting her kids off as well and calls to her. She doesn't want to talk to him. Ben wants to explain. BLL says that Ben's responsibility was to her, his patient. Ben was trying to help. BLL doesn't need his help, and if she wanted to tell her husband her secrets, she'd have done it a long time ago. She says that "if it didn't mean hanging [herself] out to dry even more, she'd bring [Ben] up on charges." As she gets in the car, BLL says, "First do no harm, my ass."

Wyatt (remember him?) walks into the locker room and hears his fellow doctors discussing his sexiness or lack thereof. Ollie doesn't think he's that sexy. Ooh, burn. She thought he was sexy enough when she was wanting to have dinner with him while his wife was out of town. Sid thinks he's sexy. Wyatt grabs the magazine out of Sid's hands. Boies tells him to play it cool, although "when the light's right, [Wyatt] is hunkalicious." Everyone hoots. Ollie runs after Wyatt and tells him to laugh about it. Wyatt stomps off.

No Nose Guy isn't happy with the surgery options offered to him. Lady Doctor offers some other options, like sewing his arm to his face. He decides to go with the first option after all.

Boies tells BLL that the lumpectomy appears to have been a success. BLL thinks that's good news. Boies asks if everything is okay with her. BLL starts crying and says her husband left her. The cancer made her tired, and she couldn't keep up the front any more, so she told him. Boies clarifies, "Everything?" BLL says that her husband is a simple guy, and Boies guesses that he couldn't handle it.

Cherry points out Rachel to Sid. Cherry compares his situation to Cyrano de Bergerac, and Sid says it's more like Pretty in Pink. Sid cracks me up. Ollie thinks Cherry should tell Rachel how he feels. Cherry doesn't think he can cross the no-nose-boyfriend line. Ollie says that "masculinity is wasted on men." See how that ties in with BLL's story?

Ben shows up at BLL's house with soup as a peace offering. BLL says the chemo makes her sick, so she's not hungry. Ben explains that it's specifically made to soothe her stomach. By his housekeeper. BLL lets him in.

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