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Cherry brings the nose in to No Nose Guy. All is well until No Nose Guy says that it isn't his nose. He starts yelling at Rachel for getting the wrong nose. Well, who knew there would be two noses roaming the streets? I mean, I think I would go with the first one I found too! Cherry heads off to tell the surgical team that there's been a change in plans. Rachel smacks NNG on the arm. Good for her.

BLL apologizes to Boies for being "so abrupt the other day," and asks if Gideon filled him in on her situation. Boies says he knows. BLL asks if he "pulled the short straw to get freak duty," and assures him that she would feel the same way. Boies says he's seen a lot of freaks in that hospital, and encourages her to take the Tamoxifen. BLL spins a scenario of Boies having cancer and the only cure being "slapping on a pair of 36Ds and snipping off [his] penis." Boies sees her point, but he thinks he would "learn to walk in heels." BLL giggles and says she'd like to see that.

Cherry is in a restaurant with Rachel, explaining how they can build her boyfriend a new nose. She wants to know what it will look like when it's done. Cherry has a textbook on plastic surgery. Rachel looks disgusted. Cherry points out some better examples. Rachel says it's going to be hard. Cherry goes all self-deprecating again. Rachel says she knows he's trying to help, and she appreciates it, then asks to see the book again, so she can "get used to this."

Cherry is telling Sid about Rachel, and how she is tough. Cherry has a little crush on Rachel! Cherry doesn't know why she's with this boyfriend who is "an anal sphincter of galactic proportions." Sid observes that Cherry is in love, and Cherry says that he's "so screwed."

Anxious Husband comes in to see Ben, saying that his wife was pretty sick the other day. He noticed that she's not taking Tamoxifen, and that it wasn't prescribed. Ben asks if he talked to his wife. Anxious Husband says that she thinks Ben knows what he's doing, but in their meeting, Ben said it was "a wonder drug." Well, actually Anxious Husband made that characterization, but whatever. Ben agrees that the Tamoxifen would work well with her type of cancer, and that taking it would give her the best chance of getting better. Anxious Husband wants to know why she isn't taking it. This is the part where Ben tells him to go talk to his wife again, right? Ben says BLL decided not to take it. Anxious Husband wants to know why she's not following Ben's advice. Ben says he can't give out any more information.

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