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Turns out Wyatt is having the same flashback. His teen bride comes into the bedroom where Wyatt is sleeping and wakes him up. She gives him a magazine with a headline "Boston's Hottest Doctors" on the front. Just as Wyatt is wondering "what morons" they got to pose, he comes upon his own picture. Teen Bride sent the picture in. Wyatt is not happy. Teen Bride was just trying to cheer him up. Wyatt says they're going to see it at the hospital and throws the magazine down. Well, someone has his cranky pants on today!

Boies asks Ollie to look at a slide in the microscope. He's all up in her personal space. She thinks it's cancer. Ollie doesn't get why he wanted a second opinion. Boies says it's one of Gideon's patients. Ollie compares Boies and Gideon to Chip and Dale. No, it doesn't make sense when she explains it either, but basically she's trying to say that they are really polite to each other when really they want to "beat each other's brains in." Ollie points out that Gideon blames Boies for Richard Porter's death, and Boies should tell Gideon the truth. Boies plays dumb. Ollie offers to listen if he ever wants to talk about it. Boies nods and thanks her for looking at the slide.

Cherry looks under a car for the nose, accompanied by Rachel. Cherry thinks "a dog or maybe a rat" carried it off. Rachel starts crying. Cherry says something self-deprecating, and Rachel tells him he's funny. Cherry says it's a defense mechanism, and Rachel says he looks like the type that could "glide." What does that even mean? Cherry is flattered by the gliding remark. Oh, the special election report breaks in. Time to fast forward. Okay, we're back. Cherry and Rachel ask a homeless guy if he's seen a nose. The guy says he hasn't, but he did see a hairless, pinkish rat, and some kids were playing with it.

Breast Lump Lady says she can't possibly have breast cancer. Anxious Husband is sure that they double-check these things. Gideon says they do and she does, and that they caught it early enough that she can have a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. They'll also have to do "adjuvant" therapy, including chemo. Ben goes on to explain that they will also prescribe "Tamoxifen." It seems that her tumor feeds on hormones, estrogen specifically, and this drug blocks the receptors so that the tumor will not grow. Anxious Husband says it sounds like a miracle drug. Ben says it's "a great utility player" and she has "an excellent chance at complete recovery." Anxious Husband and Breast Lump Lady argue over what "excellent" means, and Ben tells them that most of his patients with this type of cancer are still here ten years later. Anxious Husband becomes Relieved Husband, saying that he doesn't know what he'd do without his wife.

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