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Somehow, my tape started after the opening credits. Sorry about that. My taping incompetence is revealed. Okay, I admit it. I was also taping Felicity and it ran long. Sue me. Is it my fault if Felicity is on opposite West Wing and I have to watch both? It won't happen again. Okay, fine. I was also taping that O.J. movie. I know I have a problem. If loving television is wrong, I don't want to be right. Isn't that this site's motto? It should be.

So, anyway, Boies is examining the breast of a middle-aged woman while her anxious husband asks questions. Anxious Husband should also be called Exposition Husband because through his questions, we find out that the woman has a lump in her breast, and they have to do a biopsy to find out if it's cancerous. Anxious Husband is excused from the room because needles make him faint. What a woman! This is ironic on so many levels, as you will find out later. Breast Lump Lady is all calm while Anxious Husband is all anxious. He leaves in an anxious manner.

Some lady doctor we've never seen before (and played by the lady who used to be the head of the nursing department on ER, who tried to get Carol off after she accidentally killed someone) is examining some guy's face. Ew! He's got a nasty big hole in his face. She spouts off some medical terminology while the guy's girlfriend and Cherry look on. Turns out the guy had his nose bitten off in a bar fight. No Nose Guy is all, "I had him good before he chomped," and his girlfriend (who is named Rachel) says he's always getting into fights. Cherry checks out the wound and notes human bite marks. Lady Doctor says that dogs bite cleaner, and she can work with this depending on the condition of the nose. No one has the nose. The "chomping" happened at 2 AM, and Cherry tells us that organs remain viable for twenty-four hours, so Cherry is sent "nose-hunting."

Cherry tells his fellow doctors that he's going nose-hunting. Sid doesn't feel sorry for him. A man comes in asking for Boies -- he's Richard Porter's brother-in-law, there to collect the personal effects. You know -- Richard Porter? The guy they accidentally killed last week? All of the other doctors stare as he goes through Porter's wallet and then leaves. Wow, he really knows how to bring down a room. Boies has a flashback (accompanied by some heavy piano) of the CPR given to the dying Porter.

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