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Crossover Bore, Part Deux

Ellenor is resting comfortably. Ben is sitting almost directly on top of her, trying to figure a way out of this medical puzzle.

Again, we're walking and talking as we quickly cut to his solution: he's going to give her Heparin. Ollie doesn't quite understand. It's a blood thinner. Exactly. Ben thinks the drugs will clear up all the debris and then cause the blood vessels to relax. Dr. Klein shrugs, "Seems more like magic then science." Gideon wants to know if she has a better idea.

A view from under a white sheet reveals Dr. Levkowitz taking a look at the Angry Wife. She's fine. Her stomach cramps can be attributed to the muscles around the uterus stretching and growing. Damn. That does sound painful. They couple argues in front of the doctor about eating ribs. Then Mrs. Cooper tells the Dr. Levkowitz she wants to have the baby at home. Dr. L has no problem with this, and even offers to recommend some good midwives. Then, instead of one heartbeat on the ultrasound, there are two! The angry couple is having twins! Double the fun! Double the trouble. Double the divorce settlement.

Jimmy holds his vigil at Ellenor's bedside. Ben's there, ordering Dr. Klein to "get a complete set of bloods." Ellie wakes up and sees him there. "Welcome back!" Ellenor mumbles, "You're smiling?" He says that so far, everything's just fine. Jimmy grins. We feel a Mega-Moment coming on. Ellenor cracks, "Jimmy! You look as bad as I feel." He's just relieved she's okay. Ben looks at the monitor and exclaims, "The blood pressure's come down." Ollie insists it was the Heparin. But it wasn't the drug; it was Ben Gideon, Medical Magician, and his Merry Band of Plain Old Dumb Luck. See, I told you everything was going to be fine.

Bad Kid, Gangly Doctor, and Plucky Receptionist are having a snack in the cafeteria. Jake is eating chocolate cake. The three of them discuss how sugar is bad/not so bad for you. Gangly Doctor pulls out the Ritalin. Shockingly, the Bad Kid's never seen the medicine before; finally, GD clues in. Jake's not the one on Ritalin at all -- Mom's addicted to the pills. Gangly Doctor confronts the mother, and she admits her addiction.

Sid and Ollie share a Moment, and a cup of coffee. She reveals that the scary stalker is in fact an ex-fiancé. Oh, how some clichéd storylines never change. Not to diminish the seriousness of stalkers and the absolute terror that women must go through when they are in danger, but does one have to show up on every show in primetime? Could we move past the whole "woman as perpetual subject of violence" stereotypes, please? Ollie's fiancé refused to let her see her own parents. She tried to break it off, but he came to her dorm with a gun. Now she has a restraining order, but that's not stopping him. Sid looks at the picture, and you can feel his stomach dropping into his knees: it's the creepy guy that came to see their apartment. You all know this simply isn't good, right?

Gangly Doctor seems positive about Jake's mom getting into a good program. The entire family shares a Moment. Bad Kid gives Gangly doctor a huge hug. Oh, isn't the world grand?

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Gideon's Crossing




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