Gideon's Crossing

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Crossover Bore, Part Deux

Does anyone know what exactly Gideon is crossing?

Drs. Klein and Gideon are walking and talking. Ollie thinks the seizures suggest that Ellenor's pre-eclampsia has progressed into full-blown eclampsia. Ben wants to know what they do now. Klein thinks they can manage the seizures with medication, but Ben knows that's a battle they can't win: "Did you repeat the blood work?" Her liver enzymes are high, and her platelets are dangerously low. Oh, that's what he was afraid of; as a result of her condition, the blood vessels start to spasm and when the do, they chow down on the platelets. He signs something some anonymous nurse hands him. And then the pair continues to walk and talk. Should they deliver the baby? Well, not exactly -- Ellenor's system couldn't handle labour or surgery; she'd end up bleeding to death. Dr. Klein wonders how Ellenor got so bad. Ben mumbles, "Well, it's very common in medicine. One thing goes wrong and a lot of things go wrong." Klein counters by stating that they could have delivered the baby yesterday. The lungs were ready. The baby would have been premature, but that would have been okay. The two of them pause outside of Gideon's office. He thought he could have his cake and eat it too. They enter the office. Why would you take that risk? Without a hint of emotion, not a hand gesture, not a crack in his voice, not a hint, Gideon admits that he wasn't focused on the medical problem at hand, but on his friend instead. Blah dee blah desperate for a baby blah, blah dee great mother blah, insert the Feel Sorry For Me Symphony here, blah dee promise blah, blah close-up blah tight lips, blah emotion cracking through the icy façade blah, wanting to be more than a doctor blah. Pause: "And I wound up being less than a friend." Then, the two of them share a new kind of moment: A Moral Moment. Blah.

Sid opens the fridge at home. There's a lot of rotting food in this fridge. In fact, there's a lot of rotting food and no margarine in this fridge. Sid's so upset that he leaves the container in the fridge instead of cleaning it out and dumping it into the recycling. This apartment is a pigsty. In a truly disgusting bit of human desperation I did not need to see, Sid mixes up some coffee creamer and spreads that on his toast. Gross. Just go out and buy a bagel already. You're a doctor. You can afford it. There is a knock at the door. Some creepy guy wants to see the apartment. There's a mistake. The coffee starts to overflow. Sid makes some crack about Ollie's housekeeping/money-managing abilities. They discuss the living arrangements. Creepy guy at the door apologizes for bothering Sid and leaves almost as quickly as he arrived.

Blah bad parent blah. Then Bad Mother leaves her Bad Kid with Gangly Doctor and runs off to chair some fundraising auction.

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Gideon's Crossing




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