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Crossover Bore, Part Deux

Appendicitis? Ellenor is confused. Gideon explains that her uterus has pushed up her appendix, and that's why the pain is in the upper right quadrant instead of the lower right quadrant. Dr. Levkowitz adds that that's why nothing showed up on the scan. The baby blocked the organ. Ellenor turns to Ben: "So? What do we do?" What do you mean? For a doctor, Gideon is awfully slow: first he sends Ellenor home with appendicitis; then once he figures out that she has appendicitis, he doesn't quite know what to do. Ellenor posits, "Usually when someone has appendicitis, they have their appendix taken out." Exactly. That's what they're going to do. If they leave the organ in and it bursts, the baby could be in danger, not to mention Ellenor's life being at risk. Dr. Levkowitz wants to take the baby out. No way. Ellenor dismisses this thought and turns back to Ben. He tells Ellenor that while they've made serious inroads in treating premature babies, a lot of babies born before twenty-six weeks have serious health problems that follow them into adulthood. Now, if they had another twenty-four hours for the lungs to develop, well, that would be another story. Dr. Levkowitz explains the seriousness of this very serious situation, and then she gets paged right out of the room, leaving Ben and Ellenor alone to discuss what they're going to do.

Only we're now in surgery. Ellenor's eyes are taped shut. Machines are beeping. The Symphony of Surgery is wailing. The baby is up on the ultrasound. The surgeon is explaining how the appendix is a useless organ, left by "our ancestors in the days where they grazed on grasses." Oh. No. The appendix has already burst. Damn. That can't be good. Hell, you couldn't tell that from looking at Gideon, though. He looks cool as a cucumber. Does he have any other patients? The doctors talk through the difficult situation. Dr. Levkowitz wants to take the baby out. Gideon remembers his promise and finds an alternative solution. He and Levkowitz argue over Ellenor's wide-open innards. The surgeon thinks she can finish what she's started. Oddly, this woman has a British accent. Could this show have any more similarities to ER? Is there an ER formula that spells out that all medical dramas must have a British surgeon and a Non-Lenny Non-Kravitz doing an impression of Peter Benton? Any. Way. Things beep, and Ben tells Ellenor to "hang on."

When we get back from the commercial break, Jimmy corners the plucky receptionist. He wants to know what's going on with Ellenor. She calls the surgery for him; again, he offers up totally useless information: "She's having her appendix out. Plus, you know, she's pregnant." Plucky Receptionist informs Jimmy that Ellenor's still in surgery. Is surgery supposed to take this long? How long? Two hours? Who's her doctor? Ben Gideon. A warm glow erupts. They have a Moment. Before she bounces away, Plucky Receptionist tells Jimmy she'll let him know if she hears any news. The Lump continues to pace.

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Gideon's Crossing




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