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Rich bitch

Some rich lady is telling Ben (who looks extremely bored) about how her minister was "stalking" her at some party, trying to get a donation for his church. Apparently, she has a disease called "myelofibrosis." She keeps babbling on and on, and Ben tries to ask her a question, but she tells him that it's "rude to interrupt." Yeah, well it's also rude to babble endlessly when the person you are talking to looks bored. He's your doctor, not your therapist. The lady says (and this will be important later, so take notes), "Father always said that everyone wants something from people like us, and Father was never wrong." Ben tries to find out whether she went in for her transfusions while she was on vacation. The woman (Camellia) refuses to answer the question directly, and starts talking about the seven deadly sins, noting that Ben "descends from an earnest, church-going race." Huh? So she's not only a Chatty Cathy, and a snob, but she's racist too? Interesting. Ben tries to bring it back on topic (and Lord, after moderating the Real World boards, I know how that goes), but Camellia is having none of it. She mentions that she gained six pounds on vacation. She starts talking about her new boyfriend. Ben tries to find out again if she had her transfusions on schedule. She keeps talking about her new boyfriend. When Ben asks again, Camellia refuses to answer again. As the credits roll, we still don't know.

Boies works at a laptop in his office while Sid paces in the background. Ollie comes in and asks if he's giving rich lady Camellia her transfusion. Sid says she's late, and that he sent her breakfast that morning. Boies expositions that if Camellia gets her transfusions on time and doesn't take aspirin (also important later), she'll live a long life. Sid keeps defending Camellia, saying that he feels bad for her. Boies looks at Camellia's x-ray and says that he doesn't see a heart.

Sid is giving the transfusion to Camellia, who is bitching that Ben isn't there to do it. Sid asks if she liked her breakfast, and Camellia complains about that too, and then makes another racist comment about people of Indian heritage. Sid tries to take her temperature orally, which would at least mean that she would shut up for a minute. As soon as the thermometer is in, Sid mumbles, "It's the thought that counts." Camellia snatches it out of her mouth and tells Sid that "anything worth doing is worth doing well." Sid starts to defend himself, and Camellia makes another racist remark about how Sid smells like "a Jaipur bazaar." Sid takes her temperature in her ear (somewhat roughly). As soon as he turns his back, Camellia rips the IV out of her arm so that there is blood dripping on the floor, and smiles at Sid triumphantly. What is she, five years old? Scratch that -- I would expect better behavior from a five-year-old.

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