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Ben is doing the morning thing with his kids. Breakfast is made. Kids ask a lot of questions. Schedules are arranged. Ben reveals that Mrs. Lee, the nanny, is "taking a personal day." The daughter wants strawberries, but the strawberries are moldy. Ben tries to explain a personal day to his younger son. The older son comes in wearing a leather jacket, and Ben objects, until the son reveals that theater club is today, and he is a Jet. The daughter keeps whining for strawberries. Ben gets increasingly agitated about the personal day. The phone rings, and older son's rides to school seems to have fallen through. Younger son goes to pick up the coffee carafe, and drops it on the floor, breaking it. Ben yells at him. The kids all look at him warily. Ben kneels in front of his son, hugs him, and apologizes. So, we know that Ben can't manage his household without Mrs. Lee, and that he perhaps has a bit of a temper. And three cute kids. But not in a smarmy, Raven-Symone-cute way.

Ben and Max walk into the hospital. Ben is complaining about how his life is "gossamer," and all it takes is a breeze for the whole thing to fall apart. Max insists that he wants it that way. Perhaps the scene would have been improved if Max had busted out with the Backstreet Boys song. Max reminds Ben about the "trustees' meeting at three," to which Ben replies, "Oh, fat chance." Max walks away. Cherry, Sid, and Stiles walk up. Ben asks Cherry if he has "a moment," and Cherry smugly whispers, "Many are called, few are chosen," to his friends. Ben asks Cherry to put his bag and coat in his office, and then asks Stiles what she knows about asthma. Ben and Stiles take off. Cherry and Sid wax philosophical about their missed opportunity.

Ben fills Stiles in on this asthma patient. Seems she is the wife of a guy Ben treated "back in the day." Stiles, being British, doesn't understand what "back in the day" means. Ben explains that it was when he was younger and "feckless." Stiles asks what it means now that he is older and "full of feck." Ben warns her that today could be the day when his feck "boils right out of him." This is the banter I've been telling you so much about. Just thought I would give you a sampling.

A woman has a great deal of difficulty breathing, even thought she has an oxygen mask strapped to her face. Ben walks in and addresses her as "Maria" and speaks some high-school Spanish to her. Ben gives some lab orders to Stiles, telling her that Maria is "a very special person to [him]."

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