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Five vehicles converging into a single line in the dust, mirage lines as they come together. V formation collapsing into enfilade, coming through the dust straight at you, endless radio chatter full of misfits and hitmen. First Recon Battalion is commanded by Godfather, who talks like Brando; his Sergeant Major is Sixta, who talks like Deliverance. There are three companies: Alpha (callsign "Assassin"), commanded by Captain Patterson, Bravo ("Hitman"), commanded by Encino Man (his Gunnery Sergeant is Casey Kasem), and Charlie ("Raptor"). Eventually there will be Delta, but they don't count and fuck them anyway.

In Bravo Company are three platoons. Third platoon is commanded by Captain America, regrettably. You will know him by the shrieking of his constantly degrading paranoia (and from Malcolm In The Middle, where he played Francis's best friend Eric, whom I loved). Second platoon is mostly what we're dealing with, commanded by Lt. Nate Fick (the guy that looks like Opie, with Gunny Wynn, the guy that looks like Ron Perlman). In second platoon there are three teams. Team One is led by Brad "Iceman" Colbert, so when they say "Hitman Two One," they mean Brad: Bravo Company, Second Platoon, Team One. It's easy: Battalion (First Recon), company (Bravo), platoon (2), team (1).

The unbelievably irritating Cpl. Ray Person drives the Humvee for Iceman's team. It's Ray and Brad in the front, insane Trombley (the youngest and deadliest shooter in Bravo Company, and the one most likely to compare shooting somebody in the stomach to Grand Theft Auto) in back, and Gabriel Garza up top, manning the gun turret. They don't talk about it, because if you thought about it for five seconds you would freak out like Captain America, but what this means is that the entire platoon balances on Ray, because he's the driver of the lead vehicle. Tactically and practically speaking: If Ray dies, everybody dies. Sometimes it's hard to understand how they manage to love his unholy ass but I think that might be part of it.

Garza spots something in the distance, and soon enough the battle's joined. There are several trucks firing on each other, and then a plane flies overhead, dropping missiles in the middle of everything. And all the time, the radio chatter turning bombs into declarative statements like "cleared hot" and "missile away," and turning deaths into permission, and turning people into numbers and locations and callsigns. The camera flashes on things: a belt loop, a pisiform wrist bone, a coiled telephone cord, a name tag. It's the kingdom of Things. Four T-55s at one o'clock, two kliks. Hitman, this is Hitman Two One. Enemy contact, four T-55s, One o'clock, two kliks, how copy? Contact right! Enemy foot-mobiles, four o'clock, 300 m, by the berm. This is Hitman Two One. Roger that. Garza swings his machine gun high, aiming at a plane. Misfit Two Two, cleared hot. Missile away. Contact right. RPG team, two o'clock... 500 meters behind the truck. They blow a truck to bits, and then explode the bits.

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Generation Kill




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