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In The Valley Of Elah-Elah-Elah (Hey, Hey, Hey)
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Everybody's still encamped at the airfield, waiting for the next thing. It is super tense because of all the insubordinate nonsense that went on last week, plus Trombley going nuts on those camels and children, and the fact that they're starving because Godfather decided that the Iraqis should blow up their food because he was in a hurry to conquer an abandoned airfield so that General Mattis would finally ask for his hand in gay marriage. Doc Bryan comes hopping down a hill while some Marines are making a guy recite lines from movies: Platoon, The Big Lebowski. Brad's on his back under a Humvee, pounding away at the grime on her undercarriage, hiding from everybody because he's freaking out about the consequences of Trombley's action. He's in his grave. Rudy comes to visit him under there and compliments him on working his deltoids. When he doesn't answer, Rudy crawls in beside him just to keep him company. "Brother, you need a friend?"

Rudy's not the only one who noticed how Iceman's gone glacial. Espera complains to the other team leaders. "It's jacked, Dog. We got the Iceman seriously tweaking out on us. The best fucking team leader in the Battalion, no offense..." Pappy nods, because Brad rules. "And we're losing him because some white boy accidentally on purpose tries to waste a hajji. Back in Nasiriyah, we seen Generals drop mad arty rounds on an unarmed civilian city. Must've killed thousands. And what about all those little smoking, burnt-up little hajji kids on the MSRs all hit by legit, called-in, officer-approved air strikes? Shit, we had a Battalion of doctors try to light our asses up. So fucking what? It's war, Dog." There's a whole theme running through the episode about cognitive dissonance, like, yes it's bad we killed a kid or two, but also, the ROE cleared it. "Back in Afghanistan, I thought y'all were the shit." Pappy and Kocher watch him talk. "Blowing up Taliban forts, taking out air batteries... All I heard about was his reputation, back in Afghanistan. I finally get on his team and he goes all weak titty on me?"

Trombley comes lugging water down to Manimal and Garza. "I brought some water if you want me to fill up your camelbaks. Figure I'd save you a trip over to H&S..." They ignore him and keep working. Ray's tone is heavy: "Yeah. No thanks, James." Trombley moves on. "Fucknuts thinks he can buy his way out of shooting those kid by getting us a drink of water," Manimal grunts, and Ray grins. "Yeah. I tell ya, Jacks, it's this new generation. In the opinion of this Marine, it's all that damn gangster rap and those video games that are desensitizing today's youth to violence." Manimal doesn't know the name of the movie he's in. He just looks at Ray, like I imagine he often does, and pretends to know what he means. "Yeah."

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Generation Kill




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