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Ray's doing something odd while Espera, Brad and their respective gunners lay spread-eagled, sighting something over the top of a berm. Brad's in the usual giddy mood he gets in whenever he sees little kids; it's as disheartening as ever considering what happens to little kids on this show. "One, two, three, four little people outside." Espera also counts three old ladies, and Walt and Gabe are quite taken by the fact that they're playing "hajji soccer." I wish I knew Arabic so I could make some kind of linguistics joke or pun about that, but I don't know. Apropos of nothing, Garza mentions being beaten as a child with a 2x4. Walt asks, appropriately enough in my opinion, whether this was because his grandmother loved him, and wanted him to "turn out good." I like Garza, creepy Faces Of Death fascination with murder and mutilation notwithstanding, so: go Grandma. I guess. Of all the ways a kid you hit with a 2x4 might turn out, I suppose Gabe's the best option. Ray's still doing his weird thing, reclining against the Humvee, and Brad calls it in to Nate: "We've had eyes on the village for over one hour now. There are seven women and children, no adult males. No sign of the men who fired those mortars. How copy?" Nate's like, "I already knew that, okay."

Ray adds water to his concoction and starts cooking it with a lighter or something. "Ray, what the fuck is that smell?" asks Brad. Like anybody wants to know the answer. Man, it is mission critical that you not let Ray Fucking Person get bored, ever. I would keep some coloring books around just in case. Object lesson: "MRE cookies. What I did was, I saved up all those creamer packets, and all the sugars, and I mixed in peanut butter until I sort of made..." Brad's done listening, and reminds him not to blow his face off again, like he did in the first episode. Ray says, and I'm not sure what this is meant to connote: "Word to the motherfuckin' street, yo!" I don't understand the usage of that colorful colloquialism in this context. Ray points out that he was not the one who set his face on fire back at Mathilda: "I was the fuckin' victim and you know it." He goes back to cooking his foul creation, and the guys turn their eyes back on the hamlet. Evan speaks up and offers the opinion that maybe the guys were hiding in a stand of trees behind and to their left. Brad, indulgently deadpan: "Much as I appreciate Rolling Stone's tactical input, I'm confident in the birds." Gabe explains that if anything were moving in the trees in question, the birds wouldn't be singing.

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Generation Kill




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