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I Got You a Box of Snakes

Out in the fields and hills, there's a log with a convenient neck-sized notch. Two soldiers drag Twitchy up to it. He tells them, "I saw what I saw. I saw the white walkers." He was supposed to go back to the Wall and carry word of what happened to Beardy and Snooty, but instead decided to run away. He would also like work taken to his family that he's sorry. He's pushed down to the log so his neck is in decapitating position. Someone brings Lord Stark a HUGE GIANT SWORD. Seriously, this sword is Final Fantasy scale. One of the two young men I can't quite tell the different between tells Bran not to look away because, he says, "Father will know if you do." Lord Stark pronounces sentence on Twitchy, helpfully naming himself "Eddard Stark," and promptly chops off Twitchy's head. There was not hesitation there. He had a job to do and he did it. Bran's helpful advisor tells him he did well, and the other one leads Bran away. When Bran is getting ready to climb up on his horse, Lord Stark comes over to ask if Bran knows why Lord Stark had to do that personally. The answer is that "The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword," although Bran got half credit for "Our way is the old way." Lord Stark also says that the white walkers have been gone for thousands of years and appears to discount Twitchy's testimony on the grounds of excessive twitchiness.

Has there been enough violence or you? If not, you will be pleased to know that as the party heads back to the castle, they pass a stag with its guts ripped out. Lord Stark and the two young men speculate about what caused it. The suggestion of a mountain lion is rejected because there "aren't any in these woods." They file down a ravine and find an enormous dead wolf with some wolf-puppies crawling around inside it. It's a direwolf, which is a special kind of wolf that's larger and, um, more dire. There aren't supposed to be any direwolves south of The Wall, but one of the young men says there are five. He means the puppies. Direpuppies! He hands one to Bran, which immediately causes trouble when the adults decide to kill off the puppies. Bran wants to keep his puppy! The one who'd been giving Bran helpful advice (and a puppy!) addresses Eddard as "Lord Stark" and suggests that there are five Stark children (at this point, we only know Bran's name) and five direpuppies. And the direwolf is the sigil of House Stark, which seems like the sort of thing Lord Stark would already know. Stark rolls his eyes and tells his children they'll have to train, feed and walk their pets themselves. And because this is Downer Country, he adds that they'll have to bury the wolves themselves if they die. The one who suggested this doesn't get one because, he says, "I'm not a Stark." But then he finds a bonus puppy that's all white instead of grey like the other ones. "The runt of the litter," points out, um, someone. "That one's yours, Snow."

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Game of Thrones




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