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I Got You a Box of Snakes

Back to Winterfell. Tyrion sits on a stoop and banters with someone. The royal party appears to be going out hunting. The king asks if Ned is still as good with a spear as he used to be "No. But I'm still better than you." "You're a loyal friend. You hear me?" "I hope I'll serve you well." "You will And I'll make sure you don't look so fucking grim all the time." With spirits high, the party rides out.

Bran watches them leave, then his puppy pulls him away. Bran climbs the wall while we get close-ups of his foot- and toe-holds. The puppy barks up at him. Bran steals along a tower ledge and peeps in a window. Jaime Lannister is fucking his twin sister. Doggie-style. So that's how everyone does it in this world. Wait, except for those whores with Tyrion earlier. I don't know. It's probably not the important part of the show. Jaime and his sister (I'm tired of waiting. She's Cersei. Someone probably mentioned it somewhere and I missed it) both look up and see Bran. Oops! Jaime and Cersei have a brief argument while Bran stands awkwardly with his head sticking in the window. Cersei is insistent that Bran saw them. And he clearly did, but Cersei's a lot more freaked out than Jaime. Jaime talks to Bran to calm him down: "Quite the little climber, aren't you boy? How old are you?" "Ten." "Ten?" Jaime shrugs and turns away from the window. He sighs, "The things I do for love." Then he PUSHES THE KID OUT THE WINDOW. The last shot of the episode is Bran falling a couple hundred feet while his puppy looks up at him.

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Game of Thrones




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