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I Got You a Box of Snakes

We now move the scene to someplace vaguely eastern. Oh, there are two people with vivid white hair, which establishes them as the Targaryens, so we're back at Pentos. This is the wedding? Or afterparty? Drogo and Daenerys are sitting regally as people bring gifts and set them before the wedding party. Somebody's brought a box of snakes! As a gift, I mean. He opens the box and waves the snakes around as if to say "See? Box of snakes, just like you asked for!" There are big piles of meat that may be gathering flies. The dancing is frenetic and bare-breasted. This is where some objections have been raised, since the swarthy savages are being made out to look, well, swarthy and savage. I'm withholding judgment until later in the season, but I wanted to point it out. If this sort of thing bothers you, then, yes, the dark-skinned people seem to be combining dancing and rape here. The brother is impatient about getting his throne, but his advisor assures him that Khal Drogo will keep his word. The rape-dance appears to be turning into actual rape (or at least, actual sex, because it's not clear if the female dancer is objecting), but the dancers are pulled apart by somebody. But he's just doing so he can get in on the rape-dancing. And that turns into a scimitar fight, and then there are entrails everywhere. Two men carry off a woman, and I think two women are carrying off a man. I'm not sure. The advisor says that Dothraki weddings are rated by how many disembowelments they have. And the gift-giving continues. Somebody brings Daenerys a book of stories. And then there's a trunk of dragon's eggs. They're from the shadowlands. We (and Daenerys) are told that the ages have turned them to stone, but they're still pretty. Well, sure.

Khal Drogo struts off through the throng. Daenerys follows, hesitantly. And wide-eyed. That's pretty much how she's done everything so far. Everyone crowds in behind them. Drogo presents her with a white horse and the advisor tells her that there's no word in Dothraki for "Thank you." That's weird. Drogo hops on his black horse, and Viserys tells his sister to "Make him happy."

Sunset. Daenerys looks out at the horizon. It's reddish-orange. Or, if you must, the color of blood and fire. Incidentally, judging by the map in the opening credits, she's looking in the direction of King's Landing. Drogo comes up behind her and unties her flimsy garments. She's crying silently, and he wipes away her tears and says "No." She tries to make small talk, asking, "Do you know the common tongue?" "No." "Is 'no' the only word that you know?" "No." That wasn't very good small talk. By this time, he's taken her dress off. She covers her breasts, but he pulls her arms away. He pushes her down on all fours and takes her from behind while she cries. HBO!

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