Game of Thrones
The Wolf and the Lion

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Bare-Chested Jamboree

It's fight time! Jory goes directly for Jaime. And he immediately takes a knife to the eye. Oops! So Jory's dead now. So much for him. Now it's time for Ned and Jaime to fight. It's very fancy, and they're both clearly very good. But before the fight can go on too long, one of Jaime's soldiers stabs Ned in the back of the leg and he goes down. Jaime punches the soldier in the face, because he wanted to prove how great he was. But now that Ned's on the ground, Jaime can look down on him and tell him, "My brother, Lord Stark. I want him back." Jaime and his men leave while Ned lies bleeding on the street.

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Game of Thrones




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