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Your Dragons Are Not Your Babies

Tyrion runs back to his room, where Shae is unsurprisingly fine. She's been insulated from all the drama and just wants to know why she's had to wait all night for him. Shouldn't she have been attending to Sansa? Her handmaiden duties seem pretty variable. Tyrion tells her she's beautiful. Then he says they have to be careful. She thinks she can take care of herself and I don't blame her for being bored with Tyrion's worrying, since he's been saying the same thing since they got to King's Landing. She promises to cut off the faces of the people that would hurt them. I like that she has a plan. Tyrion says he would kill for her. And that he expects to. Tyrion asks her to promise him that she's his and he's hers. She does. So they continue in their allegedly happy relationship with dangers on all sides. I can't believe he's keeping her in the Hand's chambers. It seems foolhardy.

In the Official Stark Tent, Robb Stark is unhappy with recent events what with having to arrest his own mother and all. And he can't storm Winterfell because Theon has Bran and Rickon as hostages. He says that he wants any Ironborn who surrenders to be allowed to go home safely. Except for Theon, who's not to be shown any mercy. His advisor is skeptical.

Talisa comes into the tent and asks how he's doing. Well, what with arresting his mother, being betrayed by his closest friend and all his siblings being hostages, he's not doing great. He admits that he's not being a great king so far, but he wasn't raised for it. He was raised to be Prince of Winterfell, which is the second time we've heard the title. Talisa says she was raised to be "a proper little lady" who played the harp and recited Valyrian poetry. It's always "Valyrian" with these people. First the steel and then the poetry. Why don't we have a story about the Valyrians, if they're so great?

Talisa has a story to share with us about the time she was twelve years old and her parents had gone away to a wedding, leaving her at home with her little brother. Twelve years old? Shouldn't she be married by then? I guess this isn't exactly medieval times. Anyway, the two of them went for a swim and she lost track of her brother. Then, obviously, she saw him floating face down. Panic ensued. She dragged him out. She tried the advanced healing techniques of "shouting at him" and "shaking him," but he was dead. Then a slave with a fish on his face came up and shoved her out of the way, which is apparently Not Done. He performed chest compressions, because slaves know the secret of CPR. And her brother coughed up some water and was alive again! So Talisa decided she wasn't going to waste her life planning dances. Also, she wasn't going to live in a slave city anymore, although it seems like slaves could be pretty handy to have around if they know modern medical techniques.

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