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Your Dragons Are Not Your Babies

Samwell and the other Night's Watch men dig a latrine trench. I'm kind of surprised we're going back to them; I thought we'd just be following Jon Snow when we went north of the Wall. Sam wonders where Snow is. The cynical answer: "A betting man would go with dead." Sam can't imagine that, because after all, "He's got a Valyrian steel sword!" More cynical answer: "So did his father." Apparently, great rangers don't get old. And neither do the shit ones. This is mostly just banter, but I wanted to point out that again that the only type of steel anyone talks about is Valyrian. It's supposed to be rare and strong, but it seems like it's all over the place. While digging, they uncover something with some symbols on it. Oh shit! They found a hatch! No, wait. It's just a stone. Sam says the First Men made those marks, so he wants the stone. He's very into the First Men. He's kind of the Game of Thrones equivalent of somebody in our world who's really into Game of Thrones. They get the stone out of the ground. And in the hole underneath it, there's something wrapped in a Night's Watch cloak. There's a fancy horn and something Sam calls "dragon glass." Although he clarifies that to be "obsidian" and I appreciate him using real-world terms. I suppose he learned that word in one of his fancy books.

Arya carries some water through the Harrenhal courtyard, drops it and gets knocked in the head by a passing soldier. Since Tywin has left, I'm assuming that all the soldiers in Harrenhal work directly for the Mountain and are probably not of the best ilk. But the next person she bumps into is Jaqen, whose ilk is beyond reproach. He tells her, "Give a man a name." He won't commit to how long it will take him to kill someone. She wants Tywin Lannsiter dead "right now" but she apparently can't have that. So she asks if he'll absolutely swear that he'll kill the man with whatever name she gives him. His answer: "By the seven new gods and the old gods beyond counting, I swear it." Arya's got a plan now: "All right. Jaqen H'ghar." Not cool, Arya. This guy's been very helpful to you and this is how you repay him? You could have had him kill Joffrey, Tywin and Cersei the first day. But you waited around and now this has happened. He asks, "A girl gives a man his own name?" She does. And she refuses to unname him. But after he asks again, she reveals her full plan. She's willing to unname him if he helps her and her friends escape. He thinks that's cheating, since he'll have to kill more than one person to get it done. She doesn't care. He tells her, "A girl lacks honor." She shrugs, which is awesome. Her father's lessons about honor do not appear to have sunk in, because she's far more concerned with results. He tells her, "If I do this thing, a girl must obey." She promises she'll unname him once they're free. He tells her, "A girl and her friends will walk through the gates at midnight."

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