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The Prince of Winterfell

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Your Dragons Are Not Your Babies

We're north again. The wildlings are walking along with Qhorin and Snow in the middle. Both of them have their hands tied. Qhorin tells Snow that Mance is going to ride on the Wall and that Snow should join them. This will give him some kind of chance for sabotage. Snow thinks they won't trust him, because they're probably not completely stupid. Qhorin answers, "They might. If you do what must be done." Qhorin then shouts at Snow and shoves him down a small cliff. Ygritte looks down at Snow and smiles a little. Really, she always seems to be smiling a little. And have I mentioned that she's played by Rose Leslie, who played Gwen on Downton Abbey? It's a little distracting.

Tyrion reads a large book and watches Bronn clean his fingernails with a giant knife. He asks if he could do that somewhere else. Bronn sighs and puts down the knife. Then he complains about Tyrion trying to make him wear a gold cloak. Tyrion's logic is that Bronn is in charge of the "goldcloaks," but Bronn says the cloak gets in his way and the gold gives away his position. Tyrion tells him he's supposed to stand out, but he agrees that he doesn't have to wear it. Bronn drums his fingers and continues to get on Tyrion's nerves. Tyrion wants to plan the defense of King's Landing, but Bronn thinks that reading books is a waste of time. Tyrion has a history of the sieges of King's Landing, which does sound useful. I mean, if you're going to be in a siege, you want to know how the previous ones went, right? Tyrion can't pronounce the name of the book's author, but Bronn can. This throws Tyrion a little, because he's not used to anyone being smarter than him at anything, let alone Bronn.

Varys comes in and compliments them on the marked drop in thievery. Bronn explains that they rounded up all the known thieves. Tyrion asks, "For questioning?" Bronn: "Um... no." So now it's just the unknown thieves they need to worry about. Bronn says that in a siege, it's the starving that kills people. Early on, the poor start eating each other. But the thieves love sieges. As soon as the doors close, they steal all the food. Then all the rich people trade everything they have for food. And when the doors open, the thieves are rich. To avoid this situation, Bronn has killed all the thieves he could find. I guess I applaud him for a forward-thinking, proactive plan.

Varys admires Tyrion's book about the great sieges of Westeros. And he pronounces the name of the author correctly, which is probably a purposeful dig at Tyrion. Tyrion comments that Stannis knows the city and knows what gates are weakest. He decides that the Mud Gate is where Stannis will most likely attack. Bronn suggests that they could throw books at Stannis. Tyrion says they do have a lot of one asset: pig shit.

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