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Your Dragons Are Not Your Babies

Back to Winterfell. Theon wants to bury the bodies. Dagmer wants to leave them up a few more days to send the message. Theon says that everyone's gotten the message by now. I feel like he just wants to cut the bodies down because he's afraid of offending the citizens, but surely that's already done. Theon wants to give some gold to the farmer whose place they invaded. You know, for his trouble. Dagmer figures his troubles are done. His philosophy is, "You wanna keep a man silent, you silence him." Yeah, if Theon thinks he can back out of this situation by buying a couple of people off, I believe that he is wrong. Maester Luwin spots Osha peeping around a wall. And that's odd, because Osha's supposed to be with Bran and Rickon (and Hodor). Then he walks back to the dangling corpses and looks at them.

In a dark tunnel, Osha says they walked to that farm, then doubled back. They cut through the stream to throw off the hounds. And this is the last place they'd think to look. It's the Stark crypt! Luwin says she was right. The farmer's boys are hanging by the gates. So it was those orphans that got assigned to him. Luwin says Bran would blame himself for this and Osha says they won't hear it from her: "The little lads have suffered enough." Bran is sitting awake, listening. Rickon sleeps next to Hodor.

Let's check in on the hostage situation for a moment. The Starks believe that Arya and Sansa are hostages at Winterfell, but really only Sansa is. Arya has just escaped from Harrenhal, where she was a prisoner but not an official hostage. Bran and Rickon are believed by everyone outside the North to be Theon's hostages at Winterfell and by everyone in the North to be dead. But they're hiding out in the crypts. Jaime Lannister is widely believed to be a prisoner of Robb Stark, but he's really being taken back to King's Landing by Brienne of Tarth. Except that he's still kind of Brienne's prisoner and anyway King's Landing is about to be under siege so it will probably be hard to get in. My point is that there are a lot of alleged hostages who aren't really hostages at all at this point.

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