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The Ghost of Harrenhal

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So Long, Renly

Arya goes through the hallways of Harrenhal to get the water. And on her way, she sees a gang of Lannister soldiers that includes Jaqen H'ghar, which she seems to find startling. I guess it's because the last time she saw him, he was trying to escape from a cage while Lannister men rounded up prisoners. Jaqen breaks off from his group so he and Arya can have a private discussion. He kicks things off: "A girl says nothing. A girl keeps her mouth closed." That's how he talks. He follows it up with, "A boy becomes a girl." Arya tells him she was always a girl, and he respond, "And I was always aware. But the girl keeps secrets." Now, see, this inconsistency bugs me. I feel that he should either always say "A man" or always say "I." She feels that he's one of "them" now and she should have let him burn. He points out (again using "you" and "me" so it's not like he doesn't know how to use the first and second person) that she fetches water for one of them now. So she's serving the Lannisters just like he is. Anyway, he has a message for her: "A man pays his debts." Arya "stole three deaths from the red god" when she let the three of them out of that burning cage and he wants to give them back. "Speak three names. And the man will do the rest." She correctly interprets this to mean that she can give Jaqen a name and he'll kill him. Her first choice is "The one who tortures everyone." Unfortunately, a man needs a name. Aha! See, even the characters on the show find it confusing when people don't get names. But Arya knows he's called "The Tickler" and that's enough. The secret confab is over, so Arya continues on her errand. To get water, remember?

And now, snow! Snow, everywhere! Also, Jon Snow! The Night's Watch is trudging single-file somewhere. Somewhere snowy. Snow asks if it's possible for anyone to survive out here. Apparently it's possible for "the halfhand," who's this guy over here. His name is "Halfhand." Samwell thinks it's pretty with all the snow everywhere, which just makes people make fun of him for being in love. They're wondering if they've been spotted yet, which they'll know about when a horn blows. And then a horn blows.

They make camp on a cliff. Samwell wants to babble about the First Men, thousands and thousands of years ago, who stood there through the Long Night. No one cares. Snow looks at some weird-looking clouds in the distance. There's another horn blast. Snow says, "One blast is for rangers returning. Two blasts is for wildlings." Samwell elaborates that one is for friends, two for foes, and three for white walkers. That one hasn't been used in a long time, but Sam read it in a book, which everyone treats with weary, bemused contempt.

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