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The Ghost of Harrenhal

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So Long, Renly

The Iron Islands! Theon Greyjoy looks with a smile at his ship, the Sea Bitch. Then he looks around with a scowl at his scruffy crew, who are piling out of a building I'll just assume is a bar. They're on their way to the ship, and they don't seem to respect him as their captain. He tries to deliver a standard pre-mission pep talk and promises rewards for doing well. The largest and meanest-looking one takes a break from completely ignoring him and tells him, "I have been reaving and raping since before you left Balon's balls." The large, mean one says that he and the crew don't need any captain as long as they have a ship. And there's the Sea Bitch right there. They've got a mutiny starting before they even leave port! That's pretty efficient work. I thought the traditional method was to pretend to be good little sailors until you're a day or so out of port, and then make with the threats. Theon admits that the crew could steal the ship (which they certainly could, given that they're all getting into a boat and rowing out there, while Theon is still standing on the shore) and threatens to hunt him down for a traitor. His sister Yara shows up and mocks him a little. She's on her way to Red Harbor, where her thirty ships are waiting. And there's no rush; she tells him that her crew would wait forever for her. Theon is utterly defeated, so she cheerfully tells him, "Enjoy the Stony Shore." That's where the fishing villages are that Theon's supposed to go raid.

Someone walks up to Theon and introduces himself as Dagmer, the First Mate. He'll row Theon out to the boat, which is nice of him. Not that Theon appreciates it. Dagmer tells him that no one's going to respect him until he proves himself. Theon whines that he can't prove himself a real Iron Islander by raiding fishing villages, which is what his father told him to do. Dagmer nods toward the crew, which is already well on their way to the Sea Bitch: "They're all Iron Islanders. Do they do as they're told? Or do they do as they like?" Theon starts speculating on more impressive prizes he could take while still basically being close to the fishing villages. He comes up with one he could hold for a couple of days, which would cause the Starks to send reinforcements. He starts to smile: "Take me to my ship." I'm not sure I believe that everyone on the Iron Islands does what they want all the time. It almost certainly wouldn't work as a long-term strategy on a ship. Still, I guess that's Theon's problem.

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