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The Ghost of Harrenhal

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So Long, Renly

Enough of them! Off to Stannis Baratheon himself. Davos tells him that people grieve for his brother. Stannis claims that he does, too. Does he? It's kind of hard to tell with him. Davos would like to talk about the creepy stuff that happened in the cave with Melisandre's shadow baby and all that. Stannis orders him not to discuss it. Religion's always a touchy topic, isn't it? One minute you're just trying to talk about god and the next minute people are asking inconvenient questions about the smoke-baby-assassin your creepy priestess gave birth to. Stannis is more interested in the tactical situation, which is that all of Renly's bannermen have defected to him. Well, we were told like three times that that was going to happen, so this is the opposite of a surprise. The only ones that aren't on Stannis's side now are the Tyrells, which basically means Loras and Margaery. Stannis plans to spend a little time consolidating the armies, then sail for King's Landing and wipe out the Lannisters. Davos asks if he'll bring Melisandre, which I think is the first time her name has actually been used on the show. Stannis does plan on bringing along his spiritual advisor, but Davos recommends against it. Stannis wants Davos to shut it, but Davos successfully claims that he's valuable as someone who gives it to Stannis straight. And what he gives Stannis straight is his opinion that if he brings Melisandre, everyone will give her the credit for the victory. She's a foreigner, you know. Davos's final argument is, "You won those bannermen from Renly. Don't lose them to her." Stannis thinks about it for a surprisingly brief time and declares, "We'll set out for Kings Landing without Melisandre. And you lead the fleet into Blackwater Bay." Davos thinks that's a crazy task for him, since his sailing experience was as a smuggler, which mostly involves avoiding people instead of attacking them. But Stannis won't bend.

Tyrion and Bronn stroll through King's Landing. Which is weird, because it implies that they just left the palanquin on the ground after their last scene. It's possible that it really was just a crate with sticks attached to it. At any rate, they're in the part of King's Landing that's a busy marketplace. You know, with lots of stalls. It's kind of like the beginning of Aladdin. They're chatting about the defense of King's Landing and how Tyrion doesn't think Joffrey's plan will succeed in holding off Stannis. He's partly skeptical of wildfire and partly skeptical of Joffrey's ability to do anything properly. It's mostly the second one, really. They run across a crazy street preacher who's shouting about how brother is lying with sister and now everything is rotten. Tyrion and Bronn hang toward the back of the crowd and enjoy the free entertainment while Tyrion says Joffrey's a lost cause. The shouter blames the recent problems on a twisted demon monkey, which Bronn has to explain to Tyrion as being a reference to his height. Tyrion is shocked (or acts shocked, anyway) that people would blame him for the problems when he's just trying to get Joffrey to behave. Bronn explains that people blame Tyrion for pulling the king's strings, so anything Joffrey does that they don't like automatically gets blamed on Tyrion.

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