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So Long, Renly

Anyway, Renly's dead. So I guess it no longer matters that he had one of the flimsiest cases for being king. Joffrey can point to his being (supposedly) Robert's son. Stannis can say Joffrey's illegitimate, so he would be Robert's heir. Daenerys is the only heir of the king before Robert. All Renly had was that he was second in line after Stannis. And the biggest army, although I guess that didn't help either. Anyway, I don't count Robb or Mance Rayder in this list, because neither of them are really claiming that they have some sort of divine right to be king. I guess I don't even know if Rayder wants to be king in the first place, but he's probably planning on doing something with his army, right?

Brienne drops to her knees and sobs over Renly's body. It's a bit late for that sort of thing. Where was all this emotion when a shadow assassin was stabbing Renly in the back? Catelyn tells her it's time to go, punching up her point with, "They'll hang you for this." I guess they might. Do they have time to prosecute Brienne on a misplaced charge of treason when there's an army on the way? Brienne doesn't want to leave Renly, but Catelyn accurately points out that she won't be able to avenge him if she's dead. And vengeance is lots of fun. They go out the back door of the tent. His tent has a back door? Kings have fancy tents! I guess nobody heard Brienne killing those guys, because they get out before anyone notices.

Littlefinger stands on a cliff and looks at some ships at sea. Since was last seen at Renly's camp, it's safe to assume that's Stannis's army on the way to mop things up. Loras is in one of the tents, and he's spending this sensitive time looking at Dead Renly. Margaery is there too, wringing her fingers and saying it's time to leave. She's probably right. I find I usually agree with people on this show when they decide that things have gone pear-shaped and it's time to get the hell out of there. Fleeing is usually the right answer. Before Margaery can get Loras to get up, Littlefinger enters and tells them Stannis is on his way. And in his opinion, all of Renly's bannermen are going to switch sides right away, leaving Margaery and Loras all alone. And it's not like anyone's going to believe them if they claim they're switching to Stannis's side. They don't trust Littlefinger (because unlike Ned Stark, they're not crazy), but he makes a good point that he's in there talking to them instead of being out on the cliff welcoming Stannis. Margaery runs her fingers through Loras's hair ans asks him to bring the horses, please. Seriously, it's time to go. Exit Loras. Margaery muses that Renly was very handsome. Littlefinger agrees: "He was, Your Grace." She says she wasn't a queen, really, so "Your Grace" isn't accurate. Littlefinger asks, "Do you want to be a queen?" "No. I want to be the queen." Nice.

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