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The Ghost of Harrenhal

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So Long, Renly

Qarth! Daxos asks Dany how long her manservant has been in love with her. She denies every part of that. The discussion proceeds to what she wants: she would like to cross the Narrow Sea and take the Iron Throne. Why? Well, "The Iron Throne is mine and I will take it." She points out that Daxos became rich, which means he's also a conqueror, albeit somewhat less ambitious. So what does he want? Why did he let her into Qarth in the first place? He takes her to a vault door made of Valyrian steel. The greatest locksmiths and the greatest thieves have given up on trying to get through it. He's got the only key. The implication is that there are giant piles of treasure on the other side, but we never actually see it. Dany asks if she gets all of it, and Daxos downgrades his offer to half. But it's still enough for a fleet of ships and ever so many soldiers. And all she has to do is marry him. He says he's married once for love, but that ended. His parents never had shoes, but his children will be princes and princesses. And then he tells her that Robert Baratheon is dead. She stares at him.

Later, Daenerys and Jorah discuss the situation. Jorah thinks she shouldn't try to take a country by marrying into an army. Although that's exactly how she got her Dothraki horde. She says that the country is split by four false kings, so the time is right. He thinks she has a good claim to the throne, so his recommended strategy is for her to get to Westeros and start garnering support among the populace. And she also has a gentle heart, so (according to Jorah) she could be respected, feared, and loved. Jorah looks at her and still can't believe she's real. Around now is when she accepts that he's in love with her. I mean, really. "I look at you and still can't believe you're real"? That's not exactly strategy. She asks him what he'd have her do. Since he's officially her advisor, he should start advising. His recommendation: "Make your own way. Find your own ship. You only need one. The allies we need are in Westeros, not Qarth." He offers to find her a ship with a sound captain. "I look forward to meeting him." Then she goes off to look at one of her dragons, because why wouldn't she? I wouldn't blame her if she gave up on the Iron Throne and just devoted herself full-time to being Mother of Dragons.

Back at King's Landing, Gendry makes a sword while Arya watches him and gives him swordfighting tips. The main one she offers is that standing sideways presents a smaller target. He objects that he's not fighting anyone, but he's clearly waving the sword around in preparation. As she says, "You're practicing for a fight. You should practice right." And then! A scream! What happened? It's a mystery! Nobody saw anything, but The Tickler is dead! Arya looks around and eventually sees Jaqen high up in a window. He holds one finger up to his eye. If you ask me, she kind of wasted that first death. She should try naming more important people to get maximum value.

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