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The Ghost of Harrenhal

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So Long, Renly

Up at Winterfell (thus justifying its presence in the opening credits) Bran is holding court at Winterfell while a local farmer complains about bandits and wolves getting on his sheep. His sons are off fighting for Robb and he can't keep watch all the time on his own. Bran offers up a couple of orphan boys, which the famer's happy about. This whole time, Rickon is sitting next to Bran, smashing nuts in a very distracting fashion.

The next case Bran has to deal with is the news that Torrhen's Square is under siege! It's a raiding party led by the Mountain! Bran tells Ser Rodrik to round up 200 men to get out there. Maester Luwin thinks that's too many people, but Bran figures that if they don't defend their people, their people won't defend them.

Bran is carried out into the courtyard by Hodor while chatting with Osha. I shall remind you that Osha is the creepy wildling lady. And Hodor is the big guy that only says "Hodor." Bran says that Luwin's never heard of a three-eyed raven appearing in dreams. Osha shrugs and says that it can't be an omen after all. Bran accuses her of being a liar because she won't tell him what his dream means. She asks exactly what he saw, and he won't answer. Incidentally, he's being strapped into that horse-riding device Tyrion showed them. Bran says that he dreamed that the sea came to Winterfell. He saw waves crash against the gates, water flowing over the walls, and filling the castle. Ser Rodrik was drowned. She tells him the sea is hundreds of miles away. "Osha. The three-eyed raven. What do they say about it? North of the wall." She only says, "They say all sorts of crazy things north of the wall." A lot of help she is.

Speaking of "north of the wall," let's go back and check on those guys. Someone sees a fire on a far-off mountain. Snow sees it too. They reiterate that all the wildlings have joined Mance Rayder, and they're probably almost ready to make their move to someplace safe. Which is south. And they're going to be led by Mance Rayder, who used to be a Night's Watch ranger. They'll be organized and disciplined, more like the Night's Watch. So the actual Night's Watch needs to work more like them. The new plan is to go fast and silent. In, kill Mance, out. And that's not something they can do with this 400-person army. Halfhand (or "Lord Qhorin" if you're nasty) calls forth his three favorite rangers. Snow wants to go, but he's a steward, not a ranger. He points out that he killed a wight. On the other hand, he let Craster whop him over the head. Sam offers to take over Snow's duties while he's gone. Lord Commander Mormont looks at Halfhand, who nods. Mormont shrugs. "I hope you make a better ranger than you do a steward." Snow joins the party.

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