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A Drink Before the War

Just then! The Hound enters in the company of another goon. They wordlessly walk through the merriment and claim a table just by glaring at it. As the previous occupants scurry away, Bronn shouts, "Welcome, friends!" and offers to buy a round. The Hound just glares. Bronn shrugs. Their eyes meet across the room. The Hound asks if Bronn thinks he's a "hard man." Bronn says he is, although he's making a joke about the naked young lady on his lap. Bronn says it's warm and they have good brown ale and attractive young ladies, but the Hound just wants to put one of them in the ground. The Hound objects to Bronn enjoying himself fucking and drinking and singing. "Killing's the thing you love. You're just like me. Only smaller." The Hound stands up and looms ominously. Bronn suggests that he's also quicker. The Hound says that Tyrion will miss Bronn, except he calls him "Your Lord Imp" instead of Tyrion. Bronn shrugs and gets up, hiding a knife behind his back. This requires the attractive young lady to find a new place to sit, because she's been on Bronn's lap the whole time making sure that she's visibly topless the whole time. She was so naked that you'd think there was exposition going on.

But just then! Some bells ring, presumably meaning that the city is under attack! I realize that's two paragraphs in a row that I started with "Just then!" but that happens sometimes. Everyone but Bronn and the Hound runs off to fight. Bronn asks, "One more drink before the war? Shall we?" The Hound kind of quarter-smiles and turns away. I take a break to listen to "Drink Before the War" a song by Sinead O'Connor off The Lion and the Cobra, which was her album right before I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got made her a mega-celebrity. It's a really good song!

Varys. He says the bells ring for horrors like dead kings and sieges. Tyrion says they also ring for weddings, but he and Varys are in general agreement that weddings belong with the other two things. Tyrion is being buckled into a Tyrion-sized suit of armor by a boy that Varys thinks is named Podrick. Tyrion says that Varys knows the name of every boy in King's Landing. When Varys asks him to explain this comment, Tyrion says that his suggestion was perfectly clear. Varys asks if Tyrion trusts his squire and Tyrion says he does. So Varys brings over a map. There are fifty miles of tunnels underneath the city, because the Targaryens built the city to withstand a siege. And, Varys points out, they also built it so it could be escaped. Tyrion says he's not going to escape. Varys is politely skeptical. He's also got the news that Stannis has "taken up" with a red priestess from Asshai. Tyrion doesn't care, but Varys reminds him of the old powers. Tyrion doesn't buy any of that. Varys guesses that Tyrion trusts only what he's seen. Varys tells him that he (Varys) has seen things. The implication is that Varys has seen dark powers in action.

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